Some Big News for Martha’s Vineyard – The Newes is Open!

Just in time for Labor Day weekend, the iconic Newes from America Pub, part of the Kelley House, located in the heart of Edgartown village reopened after being closed all summer.

The Newes Pub Martha's Vineyard Restaurants Edgartown

Unfortunately earlier in the year, the Newes had pipes that burst. The pipes, located under four feet of concrete, were not the only things in need up repair. The 300 year old building needed structural repairs, and while essential fixes were being done, other things like new wiring and a new kitchen were added to the list. Might as well get it all done at once.

The Newes Pub Reopens In Edgartown

I spoke with the manager, Robyn Joubert, who said that when the doors opened a 5:30 p.m. on Friday, there was a line around the corner for dinner. People were really ready to visit one of their favorite Island places.

What’s New

When you first walk in, you’ll notice the new opening in the wall to the left, along with the great navy wall color. Just having that opening gives the space a more open and inviting feel. Though still cozy, the opening is a good change. It makes the front bar area feel more connected to the original space.

Newly Redesigned Space Inside The Newes Martha's Vineyard Bar & Restaurant

Also, you’ll notice some new menu items – like The Katama, boat-shaped fresh bread with a blend of cheeses and an egg (sadly I did not get this delicious sounding starter). The mussels that the Newes sometimes had on special have made it to the menu full time, which is a big deal for a lot of people.

The New Menu At The Newes Restaurant Edgartown

You’ll also find a new Pub Sandwich among all your favorites, the Asian Pork Sandwich, loaded with seasoned slow-roasted yummy pork and carrots.

New Pub Sandwich At The Newes Restaurant Asian Pork Sandwich

The Classics

The Newes is a year-round place, and with that comes a sense of devotion from patrons and the chef, Marco Porlles delivers new additions and Newes’ classics. Robyn told me that Marco is thrilled with his new kitchen and the menu. He’s looking forward to a stellar rest of the season and year, filled with great food.

The French Onion Soup At The Newes Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Year Roudn Dining out

A starter that’s not to be missed is the onion soup – topped with threes cheeses and a piece of garlic toast that will leave you wanting more. The smell of this soup is intoxicating, and it tastes even better. Especially with the chilly days coming, add to your list of things to try or have again. PS – I don’t even like onions and I like this soup.

NY Reuben At The Newes Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

One of the best things on the menu is the Newes’ NY Rueben. Chock full of shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and 1000 Island Dressing on Marbled Rye. My husband gets this every time, and every time I end up eating half of it. I don’t know how they make it so good, but it was so nice to have it again after all these months. I think next time I just have to order my own.

Brownie Sundae At The Newes Edgartown Dining Out

Save room for dessert! How about warm brownies with ice cream, fudge and caramel sauce and chocolate chips. This is certain to appease the kid in you and is a fun way to end a good meal. Note the hand. My son couldn’t even wait for a pic before diving in!

Count Your Nickels

Because the Newes is a colonial style pub, you feel compelled to have a beer, like a weary traveler or fisherman would have had centuries ago. A bonus is that the beers are served in glass mugs. Whether you get a short or a tall, beer is a little better at the Newes.

There’s a good selection of beers to choose from. I like the Drayman’s Porter, which is dark and velvety, with notes of chocolate. A fall and winter fav that I sneak in here and there during the summer months.

Newes Wooden Nickels

Don’t forget to get your wooden nickel (two for a tall)! If you collect 500, your name goes on the Newes’ Declaration of Distinction! As a way to celebrate being open, you can get double nickels from now until Friday, September 16th!

Mugs at the Newes

Welcome back Newes!! You’ve been missed! The Newes is open from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. for dining, and until 12:30 a.m. for last call (though these hours will be changing soon with summer ending).

The Newes Restaurant Reopens in Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

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