Sophisticated, Fun, and Delicious – Breakfast at Lucky Hank’s Restaurant In Edgartown

Lucky Hank's Restaurant Edgartown Breakfast Martha's Vineyard RestaurantsLast October, I wrote about Lucky Hank’s when the Edgartown restaurant opened.  One of the things owner Doug Smith was particularly excited about was the pancakes on the breakfast menu.  I had vowed to try them.

Now almost a year later (where has the time gone), I finally did it.  I have been to Lucky Hank’s for lunch a couple times but breakfast was eluding me for some reason.

The Front Porch at Lucky Hank's Restaurant EdgartownFirst, I love the space, inside and out.  I know I’ve said it before, but it is just cozy and welcoming.  I love walking onto the porch and seeing friends enjoying take-out with a cup of coffee, relaxing.  When you go in, you’re greeted by a beautiful big bouquet of sunflowers and a smiling server.

 This time of year, it’s all about dining on the porch, but I chose a comfy little table to have all to myself.  With Coldplay playing in the background, I felt right at home.

Walking into Lucky Hank's In EdgartownHow awesome is the breakfast menu at Lucky Hank’s!  I felt as though I was limiting myself by having a commitment to pancakes. The Cod Cakes sounded amazing, two cod cakes, lobster tarter sauce, two eggs, home fries and toast.

I don’t even like fish for breakfast but I was tempted by these.  Or how about the Aquinnah Omelet, three eggs, shrimp, avocado and salsa fresca (fresh) with home fries?  My taste buds were torn.

However, I had come for pancakes and pancakes I would have.  I ordered the short stack (2), and a side of sausage.  I usually have to get bacon since both of my little ones always want bacon.

As I sat in my little area enjoying my coffee,  I got some time to admire local artist, Peggy Turner Zaplotney’s artwork on the walls.  I have always loved her botanical collages.  It’s amazing what she can do with pressed flowers. I can barely dry a daisy in my  little flower press.

The Wait Was Over

Anyway, my food arrived, and of course I was excited to try it.  Once my pancakes had the appropriate amount of butter and pure Vermont maple syrup ($1 extra but always worth it), it was time to get to work. The pancakes were delicious, buttermilk style, simple, good.  I liked them because they tasted fresh, not sweet, and they were nice and light.

Pancakes for grown-ups is the thought that came to my  mind. I should also mention that you can get a little adventurous with your pancakes if you like.  There’s the option to add bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, or homemade granola, but I am a bit of a purist with mine.

Let’s not forget about the sausage I ordered which was kind of the show stealer for me.  I was expecting a couple links of breakfast sausage, but I was in for a treat.

The sausage is made in house with local meat and a melody of spices including cumin, paprika, and the rest sadly is a secret. Savory and flavorful, I fell in love, my new favorite breakfast sausage on the Island.  I highly recommend a side with whatever you order.  You won’t be disappointed.

I seriously can’t believe I waited so long to go to Lucky Hank’s for breakfast! Now I know I have to go back again soon to try the rest of the things that caught my eye. Luckily, the restaurant is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don’t forget Sunday Brunch and how about this for fun, “Saturday Pajama Brunch.” Now that’s a way to celebrate the weekend! Don’t forget that they do sell beer and wine, so there is a chance for mimosas at brunch!

On a side note, it really is all about the small details. Even the soap in a bathroom makes an impact. I like that Lucky Hank’s had Meyers Honeysuckle Soap instead of some industrial brand. I too have Meyers in my bathroom, all part of feeling at home in the restaurant. Nice touch Doug!

Thanks for reading On Point – If you want to know more about Lucky Hank’s, check out Lucky Hank’s Restaurant, Lucky Us! Martha’s Vineyard’s Newest Year Round Dining Spot In Edgartown Opens Its Doors.  I am not alone in my adoration for Lucky Hank’s.  It received the Best of Boston award for Best New Restaurant, Martha’s Vineyard.  Cheers to Lucky Hank’s.

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