Stefanie Wolf Designs 2012 Collections: Sneak Peek On Martha’s Vineyard

 Sneak Peek At Stefanie Wolf's New 2012 Jewelry Collection Made Right Here On Martha's Vineyard


Stefanie Wolf At Work In Her Oak Bluffs Studio - Read About Her Martha's Vineyard Connection From My PostLast week I was able to share with you a brief history about Island jewelry designer, Stefanie Wolf.  Now I am excited to talk more about her fabulous jewelry, all of which is made on Martha’s Vineyard.  If you don’t have any Stefanie Wolf pieces, this is the season to stop on by her studio in Oak Bluffs, and get a piece or two!

The new 2012 collections I got to see are not even featured on the Stefanie Wolf Designs website as of yet but will be soon.  She just did a photo shoot with all the new pieces.  Talk about a sneak peak whoohoo!

True Pieces of Art

Let’s begin with the jewelry that has become her signature, the Trilogy Collection.  Stefanie discovered these beads that the collection is made with while she was in San Francisco.  She had an immediate reaction from her customers – people loved them. Anything she made with them was a hot item.

Stefanie has several different pieces in The Trilogy Collection including multi-strand bracelets and necklaces and earrings.  Pieces can be worn alone or worn in multiples.  I am particularly fond of the 38″ wrap necklace which I have in green.  I love that it can be worn it long or short or even as a bracelet.  A girl needs options after all.

Theses unique beads are called Picasso Windows because of their painted edges and windowpane shape.  The beads are handmade in the renowned Jablonec region of the Czech Republic where glass making is a centuries old tradition.  Their colorful geometry has been an inspiration for this vibrant collection which is about to see some seriously fun new additions.  I should mention that there are 25 colors to choose from – you’re certain to have trouble figuring out which one is your favorite.

Fresh Designs for 2012

For 2012, Stefanie is introducing a lot of new fresh, feisty colors with the Picasso Window beads. We’re going to see fuschia, bright blue, and bright yellow and more, in addition to the colors she has carried.  The new colors are really eye-catching and are great pops of color to add to one’s wardrobe.

Since so many people still feel most comfortable in black and other neutrals, these pieces are a perfect way to get on trend and add a little pizazz to those safe colors.  A little color does the body good, I think you walk with a little swagger when you’ve got some fun jewelry on.

Aside from the new color additions to her collection, Stefanie is introducing a completely new bracelet, the leather Ladder Bracelet.  Though using Picasso Window beads still, these are slightly different  from the others.  A year in the making, with the design of these custom (for Stefanie) beads, the Ladder Bracelet brings a whole new element of cool to her collection.  I really like the wrap Ladder Bracelet.  It is a statement piece which looks and even feels good on your wrist.

In line with the bright color trend, these bracelets will have fun, colorful contrasting leather as options.  We’re talking about bright turquoise beads with orange leather, and  yellow beads with fuschia leather, as just a couple of examples of the combinations.  Traditional colored beads are also available as well, but let’s try to be a little adventureous this Summer.  There will also be a Ladder Bracelet that will be only available at CB Stark.  I can’t say much, but I can give a hint – Vineyard lovers will be very excited about it!

Also new for this season is the Gold Leaf collection – available in silver too and in three different styles: the chevron (featured), a lariat (which is open and can be worn several different ways), and a three strand. The chevron Gold Leaf is a new favorite for me, a must-have in silver.  I have seen Stefanie wearing the Gold Leaf chevron with just a t-shirt, and it is kind of fierce.  I feel like you could also dress it up or rather use it to dress you up.  You have to see it in person to really appreciate the detail of the leaves.

There is also the Jane Jetson Collection new for the Summer.  It is fresh and funky.  With the colors and the beads used, it actually does make you think of the Jeston ladies.  Stefanie loves this collection, and when she speaks about it, she smiles just a bit more.  It really is fun and a little more bold than her other collections.

 There’s Even More to Delight You

Stefanie Wolf Designs also features beautiful jewelry with various types of stone such as ocean quartz, black onyx, agate, freshwater pearls and much, much more.  There are also pieces with coral that are fun and a little edgy.  You can even get a pair of bone feather earrings with carnelian or turquiose stones!  You’ll have to stop by her studio in the Arts District, County Avenue, Oak Bluffs or visit her website to see all that she has to offer.  Oh yes – price –  not to worry there’s something for any budget.  Stefanie’s pieces range from $30 – $200.

Also, be sure to check out the Summer 2012 Pendleton catalog.  The Vineyard’s own Stefanie Wolf Designs is featured again.  Her jewelry is even on the cover this season.  Also, if you love something, but might want it in silver or gold or perhaps a little longer or shorter, just ask.  Since every piece is handmade, it might be possible to have a piece made for you.

It still amazes me that right down the street from where I live in Oak Bluffs, there is such a fabulous gem of a jeweler!  I am proud to wear Stefanie’s jewelry.  Be on the lookout for the Gold Leaf chevron necklace in silver on me this Summer.  I think I have to have it!  After All, I have to do my part to support local artists!

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