Summer Means It’s Time For The Art Cliff Food Truck — Best Take-Out Food Options On Martha’s Vineyard

Art Cliff Food Truck Vineyard Haven - Take Out Food Choices On Martha's Vineayrd

It’s Sunday night and the kitchen is the last place you want to be. The air is cooler, and the beach is calling your name. It looks like take-out is the answer to these problems.

Since it is Summer, one of my favorite things to do is get take-out from the Art Cliff food truck. Soon as I see it parked in front of the diner, I start thinking about the garlic, parsley fries on the menu.

Ping Pong at the Art Cliff Diner Martha's Vineyard Dining

I love everything about this food truck. I love that you can play ping-pong with your kiddos and whoever else might be there, while you wait for your food. I love that the food is served on red retro style trays, if eating there, and I love the food, and the gal making the food, chef/owner Gina Stanley.

Gina and Marvin Art Cliff Diner Food Truck Vineyard Haven Take Out FoodThere are always some classics on the menu, like the falafel and of course the fries, but there’s always a surprise or two as well. This week, Gina had a couple of different things including a Cuban sandwich on the menu.

She made this specifically for Richard Paradise and the Martha’s Vineyard Film Center because he was showing the movie, Food Truck. Gina is fun like that. She said the movie is funny, but sadly I am yet to see it.

Though tempting because Cuban sandwiches are one of my favs, I went for the turkey burger with bacon and brie. My hubby got the Cuban, and of course ,we got fries too!

So, you have your food and now the Vineyard is your oyster. We decided to head over to Eastville Beach to watch the ferries come and go, and enjoy a little Island living. Summer is here, and I want to take advantage of it as much as possible.

Eastville Beach Martha's Vineyard

Throw down a blanket, and you’re ready for dinner. And not just any dinner. The food that comes out of that food truck will delight you.

The turkey burger was seasoned so well and the bacon and brie with veggies, and a special sauce made it beyond amazing. It was huge, and I ate the whole thing.

The Turkey Burger Art Cliff Diner Food Truck

I didn’t get to try the Cuban because my husband inhaled his sandwich as well. Thank goodness we ran into neighbors at the beach to help finish the garlic parsley fries.

The Art Cliff food truck is one of those things that are part of what makes Summer so amazing on the Vineyard. Here’s this tiny truck offering gourmet causal food that you will make you go back again and again.

There’s something so charming about the whole experience, and since the ping pong table is there, I think I need to brush up on my game.

The Art Cliff Food Truck

The Art Cliff food truck will be reopening the first week of July, Thursday – Sundays starting at 5 p.m. Thank goodness it was open when I needed it.

Art Cliff Diner Food Truck Vineyard Haven

The truck is about to undergo a lot of work – nothing sexy, all engine stuff. However, it’ll be like new, and I bet we see it popping up in all sorts of fun places over the Summer.

Enjoying the Art Cliff Food Truck At The Art Cliff Diner Vineyard Haven

Also, Gina is working on a new menu. Don’t worry some favorites will remain, but she wants some new, interesting menu items. And since the food at the Art Cliff does not disappoint, I’m looking forward to what she comes up with.

Stay tuned for other fun food truck happenings on Martha’s Vineyard. Soon, you’ll see one that will leave you in utter bliss (that’s a strong hint).

Spirit Shack At State Beach Oak Bluffs Food TruckIsland Spirt Kayak‘ Spirit Shack is opening later this month, so soon you’ll be able to have your fill of yummy shaved ice while at State Beach. Also, we’ll have to see if and where Irie Bites shows up this Summer. I loved that truck when it was used by Josh Aronie as The Food Truck!

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