The Frugal Foodie Indulges At l’etoile In Edgartown: $10 Short Ribs Are Not To Be Missed On Martha’s Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie: Edgartown Restaurant l'etoile Offers $10 Short Rib

I know what you’ll be doing this Thursday – going to l’etoile for $10 short ribs. This amazing Frugal Foodie special is for two weeks only — last week and this week. It is one not to miss. I might even say that this is one of the most amazing deals I have found on the Island.

Bar menu At l'etoile Martha's Vineyard Restaurants Frugal Foodie

Dining out is fun, but better with those you love. Luckily, my friend Scott was available for an evening of research. By research, I mean having a great meal together.


We both are “bar” people, preferring to sit at the bar of a restaurant when possible. It’s a little more causal, and always offers the opportunity to meet new friends or see old ones. I really enjoy sitting at the bar at l’etoile which I find delightfully intimate.

Martha's Vineyard Restaurants: l'etoile Restaurant Edgartown Frugal Foodie

With the chill in evenings, both of us opted for red wine. Scott having the Pino Noir from Sonoma, and me the Malbec from Argentina. What goes well with wine? Why cheese of course.

So, we began of dining adventure with the Artisanal Farmstead Cheeses – served with black grapes, pear, truffled honey (yum), port onion jam and fig. The aged gouda is to die for! The small is only $11, and a perfect way to start a meal.

The Farmstand cheese Plate At Edgartown Restaurant l'etoile Martha's Vineyard Off Season Dining Frugal Foodie

Food at l’etoile is not rushed. It was wonderful to sit and relax together, really enjoy our appetizer and talk. Sometimes you feel so rushed and limited on time. Here, there’s the opportunity to sit and savor — such a gift these days.

The Frugal Foodie Gets Spoiled

We were both delighted when the short ribs came, nice portion and a beautiful presentation. Both Scott and I were eager to try our dishes. WOW, were these short ribs amazing! So tender, they fell apart in your mouth, and the polenta with the juice from the ribs was simply delicious.

Frugal Foodie Special: $10 Short Ribs At e'toile Edgartown Restaurant

Short ribs seem to be a big trend right now and these are some of the best I have ever had. So sad to know that the $10 l’etoile short ribs Frugal Foodie special is only for two weeks. However, at least you can make the second on, Thursday, November 17th.

If you’re not a fan of short ribs, don’t fret. There are a number of other beautifully crafted dishes to choose from at the bar, or in the dining room. It’s always nice to dine at l’etoile. The food there is so delicious.

Chef Michael Brisson e'toile Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie

An added bonus about dining out this time of year, is that you’re certain to run into people you know. It’s a great time to chat and catch up! Even the chef from l’etoile, Michael Brisson (pictured on the right), was out with us, chatting and talking with us and others, including Mike, the pilot of the Red Barron bi-plane.

The Bar At l'etoile Restaurant Edgartown

If you’re on Island for the holiday, l’etoile offers Thanksgiving. I can’t even imagine how amazing Thanksgiving dinner at l’etoile would be. I bet Michael’s turkey is unlike any other, and there are still a few reservations left.

l’etoile’s final evening for the season is Monday, November 28th.

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