The Larder Food Market: New Local Food On Martha’s Vineyard From The Good Farm And Scottish Bakehouse

If you look up larder on Wikipedia, you’ll find that it is “a cool area for storing food prior to use.” Interestingly enough, The Larder on State Road in Vineyard Haven offers just that, with a twist.

The Larder Gourmet Food Market Farm Stand Butcher Shop Opens On Martha's VineyardThe Larder is a collaboration between Jefferson Munroe, from the Good Farm, and Daniele Barrick, from Scottish Bakehouse, and this joint venture is going to benefit us all.

The Good Farm & The Larder

For Jefferson, The Larder could be considered his farm stand. Known for his poultry and pig, The Larder offers the perfect location to sell his products. Since he is a farmer and a butcher, he likes to use the entire animal. The Larder will also allow for him to be creative, like offering smoked turkey posole (a classic Mexican soup).

Martha's Vineyard Gourmet Food Local Farm Stand Meat Market The Larder Vineyard Haven

You can even get smoked chicken. Of course, you’ll find an amazing selection of meat to use to creat your own incredible meal, but soon there will even be more. Think about beautiful cured meats, smoked chicken, duck confit, and you’ll even fine a selection of bone broths, like ginger duck, (think healthy).

Local Food At The Larder Meat Charcuterie Farm Stand Martha's Vineyard

The Larder will make it so easy to stop by and get food products with a local history, and I can’t wait to see what Jefferson will create this summer. The space is not only inviting, but in the back, there is a full commercial kitchen, which has endless possibilities.

The Larder Meat Market Butcher Vineyard Haven New Food Market Gourmet Food

Scottish Bakehouse & The Larder

The Larder is a perfect annex for the Bakehouse too. Think about how small their space is, and how much amazing, creative food comes from those four walls, catering, prepared foods, pastries, and more.

Scottish Bakehouse Baked Goods Now At The Larder Food Market Vineyard Haven

The commercial kitchen at The Larder will enable the Bakehouse to do even more, especially catering. I can only imagine how the added space will help Daniele’s inspiration with her menus.

Martha's Vineyard Food Market Local Food Meat Baked Goods The Larder

Also, The Larder is the perfect place to sell the Bakehouse’s goods, like coffee, gluten free cookie sets, bars, prepared favorites and more. I know I am a big fan of their curry chicken salad. So easy to grab and go from The Larder, there’s even parking!

Scottish Bakehouse Daniele Barrick Helps Open The Larder Gourmet Food To Go Martha's Vineyard

Did you know that the Bakehouse has almost two acres of garden space? So much of what they make uses what they grow. I had no idea. When I went to The Larder, Zephir Plume, who tends to the Bakehouse’s gardens was there to fill me in (Jefferson was out of town sadly).

The Larder Gourmet Food To Go Coffee Farm Stand Meat Charcuterie Martha's Vineyard Food To Go

The garden is a great resource and provides extra bounty. You find fun things like fennel rhubarb chutney, hot serrano pepper relish, Wicked Hot Sauce and tomatillo salsa. I bet all of which are delicious, full of flavor, good for you, and made right on Island.

The LarderThe Larder will also carry things like their roasted garlic, house-made soups, orzo salad, banana peppers and so much more. You’ll even find the oh so good Spicy Beer Mustard from Bad Martha’s Farmer’s Brewery that the Bakehouse makes.

The Larder

Even though The Larder is newly opened and evolving, you can get a glimpse of the heart and soul in the products on the shelves. This space is going to be quite the hotbed of food this summer. I see takeaway meals in the future maybe, grab and go for the beach or BBQ.

I love a good collaboration. Daniele and Jefferson raise the bar regarding local food, and this new venture is exciting! I look forward to following up on The Larder later in the year.

The Larder Food Market Farm Stand Gourmet To Go Martha's Vineyard

Currently, The Larder is open Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. If there’s a demand, those hours could expand during the off-season.

The Larder On Instagram @TheLarderMV Martha's Vineyard New Local Food Market

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