Time For A Little End Of Summer Getaway – Martha’s Vineyard to Falmouth

What I love about Summer is the fact that there is so much to do on Martha’s Vineyard. There’s not a day where you have to even think about what to do, fun waits around every corner.

Though I love every minute of it, come September, I like to take a break.

Martha's Vineyard Vacation To Falmouth Cape Cod

I don’t feel the need to travel someplace exotic or far away, yet (those feelings come in February), but I long for a little off-Island adventure.

Sea Crest Beach Hotel Cape Cod Falmouth Hotel

That’s where the Sea Crest Beach Hotel comes in handy. This sister resort to the Vineyard’s Harbor View Hotel offers the perfect night away. It’s so close to the ferry, yet feels like a world away, and there are lots of perks to going to the Seacrest.

24 Hours At The Sea Crest

What can one do for an overnight adventure less then 10 miles from Woods Hole? The answer is quite a bit.

Afternoon swimming At Sea Crest Beach Hotel Falmouth Cape CodUpon arriving at the Sea Crest, the Cramer family headed right to the pool. Yes, the resort is right on the beach, but for my Island kiddos, it’s all about the pool.

Added bonus is that there is a great pool bar right there. So, it’s a time for lemonade and cocktails at your leisure.

Sea Crest Beach Hotel Resort Falmouth Pool Bar Cape CodDuring our afternoon swim, there was a band playing by the pool and lots of activities available including movies.

Music at Sea Crest Hotel Cape Cod

Then it’s time to dry off and think about what’s next on our fun checklist (I don’t relax much). We decided on mini-golf, one of America’s perfect Summer evening pastimes.

Cataumet Mini Golf Cape Cod Vacation

Lucky for Seacrest guests, the Cataumet Light Mini Golf is a couple of miles away. This mini golf course is awesome, capturing some of the charm of classic Cape Cod. It’s been around for years.

Mini GolfA rather challenging course for the Cramer family, we had the best time. Of course we made up our own rules and spent a lot of time admiring all the kitschy stuff. The waterfall, the mill wheel, the jaws tribute – it was awesome. We all had a great time. You can also get ice cream there and even play video games.

Sea Crest Beach Hotel Restaurant Cape Cod Falmouth Dining

And after all that golfing, we were hungry. There are options for dining and if you wanted to continue to enjoy vintage Cape Cod, you can eat at the Silver Lounge. However, we were beat and wanted to head back home.

Beach Dinner Sea Crest Beach Hotel Cape Cod Dining FalmouthWe decided to do takeout from Red’s, the Sea Crest Beach Hotel’s restaurant – by takeout I mean we got food to go, walked a couple of feet and enjoyed our own little dinner on the beach, which was perfect.

There was rolling in the sand, running around, and all around silliness but it was fun. The food was good too. The kids got the kids fish from Red’s and I got the Georges Bank Haddock Sandwich – tarragon aioli, hot house tomatoes, leaf lettuce, red onion on brioche and a side of delicious sweet potato fries. Perfect beach food.

Afterwards, it was time for bed. The rooms are comfy and well appointed. Our room had a view of the beach and was awesome.

Sea CrestIn the morning, it was just me and my a book for a bit. I covet those couple minutes that I can have a little quiet time before another busy day. Then cartoons in bed for the kids, a special treat, and then off to breakfast.

Breakfast At Sea Crest Beach Hotel Cape Cod Getaway

There’s the Ocean View Breakfast – which offers you a panoramic view of Old Silver Beach, while sampling the breakfast buffet. How about build your own waffles, yes please, and a buffet filled will all the breakfast items you could hope for. We definitely fueled up for our day.

Indoor PoolI thought we might need a break but it was on to more pool time. Since it was early, we started in the indoor pools, where it was warmer and then made our way outside. We had some serious quality family time, loaded with laughs, before 12 p.m. We felt like we had a vacation with minimal hassle. Loved it all.

Family Fun At The Sea Crest Beach Hotel Cape Cod

It was hard to leave, but I had one more trick up my sleeve. We had to pick up my husband from the ferry boat, so I threw in a stop at the Buzzards Bay Disccovery Center (next to the Landfall Restuartant).

Here, you can hold starfish, crabs, and all sorts of wonderful little New England sea creatures – a great way to keep the fun going. You can also go to the Woods Hole Aquarium which is a favorite of ours.

Buzzards Bay Discovery CenterThere’s so much to do in Falmouth and the surrounding area. Sea Crest is a great place to continue the fun during the Fall after apple picking or a day in Boston (think aquarium or the zoo).

It’s a mini-vacation in and of its self with the pools and restaurants right there. You could even relax there and do a spa day.

Old Silver Beach Sea Crest Beach Hotel Falmouth

Also they have discounted rates for Islanders. I think we’ll be heading back soon.

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