Tiny Baker Erica McCarron Creates Big Desserts For Restaurants On Martha’s Vineyard

For the last 8 years, Erica McCarron, aka Tiny Baker, has been creating amazing desserts on the Island. Any time I walked into Mocha Motts, I would be tempted by her daily dessert creation.

Tiny Baker Erica McCarron in action On Martha's Vineyard

Erica may be petite in statue but she is big into creativity. She truly is an artist with her desserts. Where many sweet treats stay the same or are on a weak rotation, Erica creates something new and fresh daily.

Lucky for us foodies, you can treat yourself to one of her creations at Mocha Motts, Red Cat Kitchen and The Ritz. The  locations within a one block radius that couldn’t be more different.

Martha's Vineyard Sweet Treat Baker Tiny Baker Erica McCarron

However, there is one thing they do have in common, in addition to her desserts. Each place enables Erica to be as inventive as she wants.

Though she works with some standard bases, like cupcakes — which are her favorite — it’s the flavors and the decorating that takes her work to a different level. Especially the decorating. This is part that she loves. It’s here she works her genius.

Tiny Baker

A few years back, her co-worker, Duncan, at Mocha Motts gave Erica the name Tiny Baker and it stuck. She has loved baking since she was four years old. Why baking? Well it’s the fact that with desserts, there are no limits, which keeps her inspired and creating.

Whatever comes to her mind, she creates. Dessert ideas just come to her, whether she’s in the shower, trying to get to sleep or early in the morning, ideas, amazing ideas pop into her head.

She had a craving for Rolos — why not make a Rolo Cheescake?

Rolo Cheesecake Created By Martha's Vineyard Tiny Baker Erica McCarron

Sometimes it’s what’s happening in the world around her that helps her create her masterpieces. Like on the day I met with her, she and her fiancé, Island chef Ben DeForest, had watched the Jim Belushi Saturday Night Live skit Little Doughnuts.

Tiny Baker Erica McCarron & Fiancé Chef Ben DeForest On Martha's Vineyard

So, Erica made little doughnuts, but took them to a whole new level. They were layered chocolate donuts with sprinkle glaze topped with raspberry Jello-O shot ring pops, which were the dessert de jour at The Ritz. The detail is amazing! I can’t even imagine how she could create such an intricate and hilarious dessert.

Tiny Baker Dessert Creation: Ring pops & doughnuts By Tiny Baker On Martha's Vineyard

Sometimes it’s because the day happens to be an anniversary of a classic movie, like the Big Lebowski. Why not create a cake that encompasses things the main character, “The Dude,” would like. Baker Erica McCarron Big Lebowski Cake Martha's Vineyard

Perhaps you love Garfield, which Erica does. It’s Winter, who wants to think about dieting or not indulging to chase away the grey days? “Diet is ‘Die’ with a ‘T'” – Garfield.  Erica creates almond orange cupcakes with orange zest buttercream, topped with her favorite cat.

Garfield The Cat Cookies By Erica McCarron Tiny BakerIt’s amazing to see such effort go into something that is gone in three bites, maybe four. The artist endeavor each cupcake or dessert requires is what keeps Erica in love with baking. There is nothing she cannot make a dessert from.

Garfield Cupcakes By Martha's Vineyard Baker Erica McCarron the Tiny Baker

Strangely, the Tiny Baker does not have a sweet tooth herself. I guess that’s how she remains so tiny. Yes, she might try a smidge of frosting, but that’s it. Sometimes she makes desserts that she herself is craving, but by the time the process is over, she is no longer craving it.

Seriously, I would eat all of it during the process and have at least one of the finished product, just to ensure that it was OK to serve to the public.

Last year, she really got into making some new fun things, like cotton candy. Not the overly sticky sugary stuff you’ll find at the Ag Fair, adult flavored gourmet cotton candy, both sweet and savory, Butterscotch, whiskey, peppermint, basil, key lime. They were served with entrees and desserts at Red Cat. How fun and what a great way to help make you feel like a kid again!

Adult Cotton Candy Made By Baker Erica McCarron Martha's Vineyard Tiny Baker

Erica is also learning molecular gastronomy (a combination of chemistry and physics with food). Take a look at the espresso caviar she made. She served chocolate, mango, and espresso caviar with some desserts this past summer. (It’s not actual caviar, just looks like it!)

Espresso Caviar Dessert By Tiny Baker Erica McCarron Martha's Vineyard Baker

For Erica, baking offers her the chance to be fresh and exciting. She never wants to be limited or let things get stale, and her world is her cupcake. She can create and design and whip up what makes her happy daily.

I think her joy shines through in her baking. From sight to taste, each dessert is an experience. One that only she can give.

Where the Wild Things Are Cupcakes By Baker Erica McCarron Martha's Vineyard

I have to show these cupcakes because they’re just so hysterical and so clever and funny. Take a look at her cocaine cupcakes (some cannoli ones too). I’m sure Charlie Sheen would be flattered to be featured on such a delicious dessert!

Cocaine & canoli cupcakes Tiny Baker Erica McCarron Martha's Vineyard

When Erica is not baking up a storm, she likes to do crafts. Crafts that are amazing. Like pink lemonade or lavender heart sugar cubes that flavor water which you can get on her Etsy store Tiny Baker Creations

Sugar cubesShe also likes to make dream catchers, which she sometimes sells. And, she loves spending time with Ben. He inspires her to follow her passions and dreams. Together, they’re a duo that create amazing food, and I think this is going to be an exciting year for them both, personally and professionally!

Love the Tiny Baker? Well, Erica does custom work as well. You can have the cupcakes of your dreams made just for you, visit Erica the Baker for all the details.

Candbury Creme Egg Cupcakes Tiny Baker Erica McCarron Dessert Martha's Vineyard

PS. With Easter right around the corner, keep an eye out for Erica’s homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs. Last year she made Homemade Cadbury Creme cupcakes – Chocolate cupcakes with “Cadbury Creme” buttercream frosting with orange zest and a homemade egg on top. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I find out when they’re out, I’ll let you know!

You can learn more about the Tiny Baker on her website, Erica the Baker. Also please remember to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

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