Trust – The Key To A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift With Inspiration From Martha’s Vineyard

Tanya Rustigan Martha's Vineyard Jewelry DesignerMeet Tanya Rustigan. She has large, trusting brown eyes, a beautiful smile, and a talent to take something old and make it AMAZING!

Tanya grew up in her parents’ antique store. There she would spend her time sorting through old buttons and keys, which she loved. Over the years, she’s acquired quite the collection of both.

Tanya Rustigan's Key CollectionTwo Summers ago, while working at Citrine in Vineyard Haven, she was encouraged by owner Emily Kiley, to try jewelry making. Citrine is known for its Island-made jewelry, and most of the staff make their own items to sell in the store.

The idea appealed to Tanya, but what kind of jewelry? What could she make that would really represent her? Like a key unlocking a door, the idea came to her. The keys she’d been collecting almost her whole live would be perfect.

Jewe;ry Designer Tanya Rustigan's Trust Necklace Line With The Layered LookSo, she gathered her collection and started adding keys to necklaces and tying keys to necklaces. Each key she uses has its own history and is unique, just like the women who wear them. The pieces reflect a carefree style and the love of the mystery of life — all true to Tanya’s personality.

As you can imagine, Tanya was thrilled when her collection was so well received. So many women had stories or interesting reasons as to why they wanted a particular piece of jewelry — they shared their stories, pieces of their lives with her.

How fitting that she would call her line TRUST. But that name is actually an interesting combination of Tanya’s first name and part of her last name, Rustigan. Destined to create? Perhaps.

Inspired by all the different women who were wearing her necklaces, Tanya started to add what you could call little charms to the keys, like turquoise, coral, feathers, beads, and pearls. These necklaces have even more of a personal feel to them.

For example, I like things a bit preppy, so I have the Oyster (love it) – which has a vintage key on a brass chain with a pearl. Since each necklace is one-of-a-kind, it’s nice to know that you are the only one with that particular key.

Trust necklaces come in different lengths – you can go with a short,  18-inch or go long, with a 30 to  32-inch necklace. They look great alone or layered together. I have an 18-inch one, but I think it’s time to acquire a long one too.

Also, I have to mention with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s Trust Love — a collection of keys with heart designs on necklaces. I know a couple friends who would love these as a gift.

Exploring a new passion with her jewelry career, Tanya is constantly being inspired by the world around her, and she collects interesting trinkets for her collection wherever she goes.

When she went to the west coast, she was inspired by the edgy style and southwestern influence, thus came about a new collection — the Bullet Collection. Don’t worry, these are just the casings. They are a little more edgy but are softened a bit with feathers and charms. This collection definitely has a cool vibe to it.

Over the Winter, she traveled to Thailand, and I can’t wait to see what’s in-store for us with her 2013 collection.

It’s so funny how the Island impacts people’s lives. Who knows if Tanya would have ever made jewelry with her collection of keys, if she hadn’t gotten a Summer job at Citrine? There is always a story behind any artist you meet here, and part of it has to do with opportunities that you would only find on Martha’s Vineyard.

Wondering where you can find Tanya’s necklaces and how much they cost? The necklaces range in price from about $30 to $50. You can find an amazing assortment at Citrine which is open year-round and you can also find Trust at Slip 77 in Oak Bluffs during the Summer months.

You can also order from her website — Trust. Also, if you’re on Newbury Street in Boston, stop by Crush Boutique. If you have a special charm or memento, Tanya will create a custom look for you.

Tanya spends her Summers working and getting inspiration on the Vineyard, and spends the rest of her time in Plymouth, MA.  However, she comes for a visit whenever she can.

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