Valentine’s Day On Martha’s Vineyard – Spread A Little Love Today

Happy Valentine’s Day! My original idea for today’s post fell through sadly, leaving me to fend for myself. So, let’s talk a little about Valentine’s Day.

You either love or despise this holiday. For many it’s a day where they feel forced to give gifts and be a little more sweet to the world. For others, it’s a day to go all out, valentines, chocolates, jewelry, dinner, the works.

For me, I am a holiday hog — I always go a little crazy. I love themed anything, and a reason to celebrate. Also, come on, it’s the middle of February, and I am so tired of all the grey, and winter doldrums.

Today I’m wearing pink and spreading a little love wherever I can. Of course I love my family, but today is a great day to celebrate friends too — they’re an important part of sanity I mean lives.

There is something about all the hearts and red and pink that make me feel a little lighter and little more appreciative of those I love.

Seeing them all over the windows at the hardware stores, the amazing windows at CB Stark and Rainy Day and all the stores in the towns- there’s a little encouragement for love everywhere. Even if you see the occasional “love stinks” cookies at Mocha Motts, you still have to laugh a little.

Also, living on Martha’s Vineyard makes this holiday a little more warm and fuzzy. It’s such a small community. You know almost everyone you see this time of year, and I think we’re just a little more kind to each other today.

Having kids helps too. Doing valentines together for their classmates is so much fun. My daughter was excited for each of her friends’, and she was able to tell me at least one thing she loved about that person. So sweet.

And oh my, if I had more time, the crafts I would do. Pinterest has something to make for everything. It’s almost addictive. My kids would be at the kitchen table covered in glitter and glue and hearts for days.

Whatever Valentine’s Day means to you, I hope it’s a special day. It doesn’t have to be about material things but can be a day to celebrate those you love or even those you appreciate.

Also, it means that February is half way over and spring is only a little over a month away.

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