WE LOVE MV: Second Treasures MV Discovering History For Your Home In Vineyard Haven

Have you ever wondered where the treasures from estate sales on Martha’s Vineyard end up? Well, many find homes at Second Treasures MV. Located on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven, be prepared to be wowed by what you can find here. It is a place to explore and discover treasures from the past and an adventure in its own way. It makes for a great addition to our We Love MV seriesWE LOVE MV: Second Treasures MV Discovering History for Your Home In Vineyard Haven

WE LOVE MV: Second Treasures MV Discovering History For Your Home In Vineyard Haven Antiques And Treasures of All Kinds
The Beloved Islander – A Great Addition To An Island Home

When you walk through the door of Second Treasures MV, it is like walking into the most eclectic estate sale or flea market. There is SO much to take in. I had to take an initial lap to get an overview and then take the time to explore the shop’s nooks and crannies. There are so many interesting and cool things to look at.

WE LOVE MV: Second Treasures MV Discovering History For Your Home In Vineyard Haven – Let The Treasure Hunt Begin

Owner John Hill, who you may recognize from The Newes or Chowder Company restaurants, where he was the manager at both, has a passion for antiques that is inspiring. Antiques have been a part of his family’s history. As a matter of fact, many of the items you find in Second Treasures are from his family. It’s about 60% his family’s finds and about 40% estate sale items for Island families. Together, it is a wild collection of items with a past linked to Martha’s Vineyard.

WE LOVE MV: Second Treasures MV Discovering History For Your Home In Vineyard Haven Owner John Hill In His One Of A Kind Store
Owner John Hill Amidst The Treasures In His Shop

The shop is always changing — either because John is adding new things or moving things around. He is constantly being inspired by the beauty of the things he is surrounded by. In addition, it is quite the social place. People who come in like to talk to John. Each piece has a story, a past, and John is so knowledgeable about his collection.

He has incredible pieces from grand Edgartown homes. Mirrors and light fixtures that take your breath away and harken back to days of opulence and remarkable craftsmanship. John has a passion for keeping history alive with the items he buys for his shop.

He is a steward for the preservation of some incredible historic pieces. For example, he recently sold the old Harbor View Hotel doors that said saloon on them to the Farm Neck Golf Club. He saved them from many renovations ago, otherwise they would have ended up in the trash.

WE LOVE MV: Second Treasures MV Discovering History For Your Home In Vineyard Haven The Eclectic Collection
An Eclectic Collection Of Antiques And Collectibles | Second Treasures MV

WE LOVE MV: Second Treasures MV Discovering History For Your Home In Vineyard Haven – It’s A People Place Too

At Second Treasures MV, John is able to work with antiques and people. He has a running list of what people are looking for, and it is quite extensive. I even ended up on that list. I am looking for mid-century chairs. I have a love for mid-century pieces, and lucky for me, John is about to have a section in his shop dedicated to that style.

If you like antiques, collectibles and discovering something truly unique for your home or office, Second Treasures is a must. From $5.00 – $10,000, there is a wide price range and an even wider selection of things to discover.

From the historic to the whimsical, there is a bit of everything | Second Treasures MV

From vintage rugs and mirrors, to games, to jewelry, to artwork to housewares, and clothing, Second Treasures has a little bit of seemingly everything. If you like the hunt for that something special, you will definitely enjoy a visit to this shop, and I bet you’d have a great time talking with John too about the things that catch your eye.

It’s wonderful to see someone embracing their passion and sharing it with others. John’s love of antiques and preservation on the past and talking to people makes Second Treasures such a fun place to visit.

A stunning vintage Type Writer | Secondhand Treasures MV

Currently, Second Treasures MV is closed Tuesday and Wednesday but that will change for the summer. Interest piqued? Stop by, it’s an overwhelming, awesome experience. There really was so much for me to take in. I look forward to going back again to see what treasures I can find.

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