What Spring Brings to Martha’s Vineyard Farms

As the warmth of spring graces Martha’s Vineyard, our beloved local farms eagerly anticipate the arrival of a new chapter. With the promise of fresh beginnings, these community farms prepare to showcase the fruits of their labor. From the first delicate shoots pushing through the earth to the meticulous planting of seeds that will soon flourish into crops, growth is in the air.

We talked with local farms to learn more about their springtime rituals, upcoming events, and the array of produce and offerings they have in store for the season ahead. From quaint roadside stands to bustling community farms, each farm presents unique connections to the land, as well as different offerings and events. Don’t miss the chance to visit your favorite Martha’s Vineyard farms and immerse yourself in the sights, scents, and tastes of spring on the Island. Here’s our 2024 farm update we’re calling What Spring Brings to Martha’s Vineyard Farms

What Spring Brings to Martha's Vineyard Farms Morning Glory Farm Edgartown
Morning Glory Farm is the largest farm on Martha’s Vineyard. Photo courtesy Morning Glory Farm

What Spring Brings to Martha’s Vineyard Farms – Morning Glory Farm, Edgartown

Morning Glory Farm, started in 1975, is a family-run farm on the Island that is active in conservation and farmland preservation, cultivating a diverse array of fresh produce and flowers across many fields on Martha’s Vineyard. Visitors to their farmstand, the largest on the Island and open year-round, are treated to a variety of farm fresh delights, from just-harvested vegetables to other goods sourced from around the Island and beyond. As spring unfolds, the farm bursts to life with an abundance of fresh produce, alongside a myriad of starter plants for home gardens, including vegetables, herbs, and more. This farmstand is the perfect stop to do your grocery shopping and stock up for your garden.

The return of their locally grown flowers adds a splash of color and fragrance to the farm, inviting visitors to revel in the beauty of the season. They offer seasonal Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares and a members-only MGF Loyalty Card to Vineyard residents. Additionally, Morning Glory Farm’s food truck, with its themed pop-ups every weekend, offers a delightful culinary experience, while plans to reopen for regular breakfast and lunch service in the spring promise even more opportunities to savor the farm’s offerings. Morning Glory Farm invites visitors to immerse themselves in the magic of spring and experience the essence of Martha’s Vineyard’s agricultural heritage. Be sure to follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates and save the dates for their popular events including their Strawberry Festival on June 15th, 2024; First Corn Harvest around July 20th; and the Morning Glory Pumpkin Festival October 19th, 2024.

What Spring Brings to Martha’s Vineyard Farms – North Tabor Farm, Chilmark

Nestled off North Road in Chilmark, North Tabor Farm is a beacon of local sustenance and community connection. Offering an onsite self-serve farm stand, the farm stocks fresh produce daily, alongside local and organic goods. From pastured chickens to their renowned soba noodle bowls, North Tabor Farm invites visitors to indulge in the flavors of the season. Their farm stand is open all spring, seven days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm-ish.

As spring unfolds at North Tabor, anticipation grows for the arrival of Crouton’s piglets, adding an extra charm to the farm’s offerings. You can see the piglets in the pen behind the farm stand when you go to get your fresh produce! This farm also holds privately hosted dinners in their event area with an outdoor pizza oven and grill that can seat up to 40, now that’s a proper pizza party! North Tabor Farm is a must-visit destination for those seeking fresh, locally sourced delights in the heart of Martha’s Vineyard.

What Spring Brings to Martha's Vineyard Farms The Farm Institute Edgartown
The Farm Institute offers an annual egg hunt and a summer camp for kids. Photo courtesy The Farm Institute.

What Spring Brings to Martha’s Vineyard Farms – The Farm Institute, Edgartown

The Farm Institute, a Trustees of Reservations managed property on a historic working farm in Katama, is a hub of seasonal excitement and agricultural education. With an array of events and activities planned, visitors can immerse themselves in the joys of the season. The Farm Institute kicks off the festivities with its annual egg hunt during Easter weekend, promising a delightful outing for families and friends. Looking ahead, visitors can expect the resumption of barnyard programs in mid-May, offering hands-on experiences for participants eager to connect with farm life. Additionally, the institute plans to add a flavorful twist to Mother’s Day celebrations with themed cooking classes, inviting guests to explore the culinary delights of spring. They also offer a popular Summer Camp with many sessions already selling out!

Meanwhile, in the fertile soil of the Friendship Garden with nearby Slough Farm, signs of new life begin to emerge. April heralds the planting of carrots, kale, lettuce, and an array of other crops, setting the stage for a season of abundant harvests. As the days grow longer and warmer, attention turns to the care of perennial plants like strawberries and asparagus, eagerly awaiting their time in the sun. 

What Spring Brings to Martha’s Vineyard Farms – The Garden Farm, Chilmark

The Garden Farm stands as a testament to the Island’s rich agricultural heritage. Run by 13th-generation Islander Lydia Fischer, this vegetable farm embodies a deep-rooted commitment to the Island community. As spring arrives, visitors can anticipate the opening of Crossroads Farmstand slated for May 1st, located at Menemsha Crossroads. Here, visitors can expect to discover an abundance of fresh, locally-grown produce!

In addition to the excitement surrounding the farmstand’s debut, Garden Farm invites green thumbs and plant enthusiasts alike to partake in their annual spring plant sale. Offering a diverse selection of plants for purchase online, you can shop the plant sale here once it goes live!  Whether you’re stocking up on seedlings for your garden or simply reveling in the joys of spring, Garden Farm welcomes you to join in the festivities and experience the island’s agricultural bounty firsthand. Stay up to date with all the farm happenings on their Instagram

What Spring Brings to Martha's Vineyard Farms Whipporwill Farm West Tisbury
Whippoorwill Farm is a beloved roadside attraction in West Tisbury. Photo courtesy WhippoorwillFarm

Farms on Martha’s Vineyard: Whippoorwill Farm, West Tisbury

Whippoorwill Farm offers the promise of fresh abundance and sustainable living. As spring unfolds its vibrant colors, this quaint Instaworthy farmstand located on Old County Road in West Tisbury, is the place to be for seekers of locally sourced goodness. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in crisp spring produce, fragrant herbs, artisanal bread, and fresh farm flowers. As an embodiment of trust and community, Whippoorwill Farm operates on the honor system, allowing patrons to pay using the cash box provided. 

But Whippoorwill Farm is more than just a purveyor of local goods; it’s a testament to the principles of regenerative farming. With a deep commitment to nurturing the land and fostering biodiversity, the farm stands as a beacon of sustainability in Martha’s Vineyard. Visitors are invited to experience the farm’s ethos firsthand, whether by indulging in house-made sausages, savoring local honey, or enjoying the wholesome goodness of farm-fresh dairy and eggs. How lucky are we to have so many locally loved farms growing world-class food right here on Martha’s Vineyard? Our 120 square miles boast dozens of farms with rich soil and even richer histories. Other local farms we can’t wait to visit this spring include Milkweed Farm, Ghost Island, Beetlebung Farm, Allen Farm, and Mermaid Farm! And be sure to head to the popular West Tisbury Farmer’s Market where you can meet and mingle with many of the farmers of those mentioned above. Its summer season kicks off in June.

What Spring Brings to Martha's Vineyard Farms West Tisbury Farmer's Market
The West Tisbury Farmer’s Market returns to the grounds of the Ag Hall this season. Photo courtesy the Ag Society

Support Local This Spring

Now that we’ve touched on some of the incredible Island farms, it’s a good time to mention the profound benefits of embracing local produce and supporting our community’s farmers. By choosing to savor the flavors of the season from local farms, we not only nourish our bodies with fresh, nutritious fare but also cultivate a deeper connection to the land and those who steward it.

Visiting these farms offers more than just an opportunity to indulge in fresh and local delights; it’s a chance to witness the beauty of regenerative farming practices in action, to engage with nature, and to support the local economy. From the fields to the farm stands, each visit supports sustainability, community, and the traditions that bind us to the land.

So, as we look forward to spring on Martha’s Vineyard, let us heed the call to support our local farmers, to savor the abundance of the season, and to forge deeper connections with the food we eat! We’re fortunate to live in a place with so many amazing community farms, and we hope you’ll join us in eating and supporting local this spring!

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