Where To Eat During The Off-Season On Martha’s Vineyard – Taco Wednesdays At Atria Of Course!

Where To Eat On Martha's Vineyard During Off Season - Tacos at Atria EdgartownIn a sea of burger nights and trivia nights, how great is it that there is now a Taco Night as an option? Atria has started Taco Wednesdays in the Brick Cellar Bar.

I know, you would think it would be Taco Tuesday but that’s too predictable, and also the restaurant is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Enjoying The Bar At Atria Restaurant Martha's VineyardIn true Atria fashion, this night is a hit during these less than colorful winter nights. A packed parking lot and a packed Brick Cellar Bar, this is where you want to be on Wednesdays.

Guaranteed you’ll run into a number of your favorite Islanders that you haven’t seen for a while. It really is a fun scene.

The bar is a great place to sit on this night. With Matt Ryan serving up well crafted cocktails and a joke or two, it’s a fun time.

Matt Ryan - Bartender At Atria Brick Cellar Bar EdgartownYou can go early enough to play trivia at the Wharf after or even grab a movie, since it’s the cheap movie night at Entertainment Cinemas in Edgartown.

Are you a taco fan? I know I am. Whether it’s the less than gourmet Old El Paso ones I make at home, tacos from The Food Truck in Chilmark, Alchemy’s tacos or the spicy pork tacos from Sharky’s, I love a good taco.

The tacos at Atria are definitely worth writing about, and you know I love to write about food.

Brick Cellar Tacos

There are four tacos on the menu. I like that number, it makes it easy to choose.

There are: the Crispy Baha Shrimp tacos with jalapeno and cilantro and lime; Crispy Cornmeal Crusted Fish Tacos with chipotle cream, shaved cabbage, and lime; Atria’s Lobster Tacos with shaved cabbage and chipotle cream; and last but not least, the Roasted Pork and Poblano Tacos with habanero onions and tomatillo cream.

I went with my friend Adrianne, and we couldn’t decide which one, so we each got the fish tacos and the shrimp tacos. Huge mistake — well, a good mistake after all.

Each order comes with two tacos, a little sour cream, guac, and pickled radish, and one thing that they don’t mention on the menu — the most amazing tortilla strips. Strips that are so fresh and perfectly salted, you can’t stop eating them.

Adrianne and I couldn’t decide and we each ordered the Baja Shrimp ($17) and Crispy Cornmeal Crusted Fish tacos ($16). Both were really tasty.

I think the shrimp might have been my favorite though. I liked that there was a little spice to them, and once again, those tortilla strips are so good. The tacos are so filling. It can be tough to eat the two that come with an order, and we had ordered four for each of us — yikes.

I was certain that I could eat four tacos, not the case here. A novice mistake. Though one that proved good, since the tacos were almost as tasty the next day when warmed up in the toaster oven.

I also have to mention that this is a great night for beers too. Tacos and beers — they’re pretty good companions. I am a big fan of Smuttynose and Atria has their porter (whoohoo)  which I love during the winter.

So, I have to say that Taco Wednesday at Atria was a great night. Great atmosphere, great people (including kids), great tacos, great beer, and a great price, since the tacos are buy one get one free. Free food definitely sweetens the deal.

If you can’t go on a Wednesday and you want to try the tacos, no problem, the tacos are on the bar menu. The only difference is that they will not be buy-one get-one free, but they are still just as tasty.

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