11 North – One of Edgartown’s Most Anticipated New Restaurants

11 North Restaurant Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Dining
Future Home of 11 North

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the new Vineyard restaurant replacing David Ryan’s on North Water Street in Edgartown.  It seems as though I may have been misinformed about a couple of things, but I’m now back on the right track. The chef from Boston’s Sonsie, Bill Poirier, will not be opening the restaurant.

Instead, the new Edgartown restaurant is named 11 North (their address on North Water Street), and the new Executive Chef is our own Island favorite Michael D. Rottman (Mikey), and his Executive Sous Chef will be Al Stubbmann.  I don’t know much about Al yet, but I have sampled many of Chef Rottman’s culinary creations, you may have too, from his chefing at Sidecar or Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs, or l’étoile in Edgartown. One of his dishes that I am particularly fond of is his Lobster Mac & Cheese – the best!

Construction has been on-going for a while now, and they still have paper up in the windows, so I am yet to be able to sneak a peak.

For other Edgartown happenings, check out my recent post New Life Comes to Edgartown’s Empty Store Fronts – More Vineyard Business Changes. Stay tuned, I plan to continue to providing updates.

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