Ahoy Matey, Pirate Jack is Coming to Oak Bluffs!

Pirate Jack's Burger Shack Oak Bluffs Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Dining

Who or what is Pirate Jack?  Well, it’s Pirate Jack’s Burger Shack!  Pirate Jack’s is taking over the old Oh Sun restaurant next to the Surfside Hotel on Oak Bluffs Avenue, downtown OB. Say goodbye to the tired window boxes and blah food, and say hello to Pirate Jack’s, where you’ll be able to grab a fab bite to eat and some grog (an alcoholic drink), all while enjoying the water and downtown views.

The home of Pirate Jack's

Ed Charter, founder of Arrowhead Homes, is the man behind Pirate Jack’s.  He believes that he will be able to break the curse of that particular location which has been a deathtrap for other restaurants.  His secret?  Fun and delicious, high quality, affordable food.

Pirate Jack’s will be a pirate-themed restaurant.  Think of waitstaff in puffy shirts, pirate flags flying, and a the opportunity to buy pirate hats and swords, great for swashbuckling adventures down Circuit Avenue.  Just thinking about it all makes me smile.  The building even looks like an old ship.  All it needs are some cannons below the windows and a figurehead of a beautful woman at the bow.

Martha's VIneyard Restaurants Pirate Jack's Burger Shack Oak Bluffs
Pirate Jack himself welcomes you at the door

But make no mistake, though the theme is lighthearted and fun, the food is no laughing matter.  We’re talking about burgers made from fresh, daily ground beef, fresh cut fries, Ed’s special fried chicken (influenced by his love of New Orleans), and mouthwatering breakfast.  The menu is going to be fresh and simple, and geared towards take-out, but there will be counter seating, so you’ll be able to can enjoy a burger and beer, and take in the atmosphere and the views Pirate Jack’s has to offer.

Half the battle for a restaurant is location, and Pirate Jack’s has a great one.  Think about how easy it will be to grab some grub and head to the beach or Ocean Park.  Arrr…..it will be great to have a new option for doing just that, and if the food is as good as Ed says, we’ll all be singing Pirate Jack’s praises.

Captain Jack's Burger Shack Martha's Vineyard Restaurant Oak Bluffs
Counter seating with water views

One of the aspects behind the motivation to open Pirate Jack’s Burger Shack is that it is a collaboration between Ed and his son Seth, who really enjoys the restaurant business.  What a fantastic way to create a legacy as a family, and you know they’ll never run out of things to talk about.  Also, the Charter boys want to offer Islanders and visitors a great place to be able to enjoy a bite to eat  year-round, which is the goal.

You may chuckle a bit at all of this because of the pirate theme, but think about it…..how much fun will it be for families and affordable to boot?  Also, it’s across the street from the famous Flying Horses, and a skull and cross-bone flag flying from the building would be certain to draw people from the ferry terminal.  After all, we are on an island, and who doesn’t love a pirate?  So get ready landlubbers to enjoy Pirate Jack’s Burger Shack, opening April 2012.

On a side note, National Talk Like A Pirate Day is my birthday, September 19th!

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13 thoughts on “Ahoy Matey, Pirate Jack is Coming to Oak Bluffs!”

  1. Sounds great. My grand kids will love the theme. We have a second home in OB. We are there all the time, not just summer. Never once went to the old restaurant in your spot. A little too sketchy. Will be checking you out.

    1. I think it will be a fun place. I too live in OB, and am looking forward to going with my little ones.

  2. Exciting!~ I will be sure to eat there this Summer.
    Great location, theme and food offerings /would appeal to my whole family.

  3. article doesn’t mention that besides being a developer, Ed has lots of restaurant experience and knows good food – which is why he probably loves New Orleans ….

    1. Thank you for mentioning that. Unfortunately, we didn’t spend much time talking about Ed’s past endeavors. Perhaps that will be a future post.

  4. What a great idea my friend.. maybe it’ll bring back our old Capt. Nemo’s crowd from our youth, and sounds like it’ll be just as fun.. make sure you’re open late. We know how well that works !! Hey..if you touch it …it’ll turn to “gold”.

  5. Sounds awesome and we can’t wait to enjoy the food and atmosphere. So glad you’ll also serve beer!

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