A Soigne Kinda Day – Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

Soigne in Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Dining Take Out Gourmet Food

For some reason, this month seems to be the time I venture to places on Martha’s Vineyard that I have not gone to. For this week’s exploration, I went to Soigne in Edgartown.

Many of my friends were shocked to hear that I had never stepped foot into this Edgartown staple, and I have no reason for not having been there before. I’ve had a number of sandwiches from Soigne before, so I knew the food was good.

There are not many things open in February on the Vineyard. So, when I saw the open sign and the lights on during yet another snowy day, I decided to stop in.

About Soigne

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the door. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was happy to find a cozy little specialty food shop with prepared and made to order food.

More than food At Soigné Martha's Vineyard Gourmet Food Take Out

The owner Puppy Cavallo was behind the counter and greeted me with a warm smile and delightful hello. He’s quite charming for sure.

I told him that this was my first time in Soigne and he said that I’m not the first one to tell him that.

Puppy Cavallo at Soigne Edgartown Gourmet Food Market Martha's Vineyard

Though open now for 30 years, Soigne remains a mystery to many on the Island, and at the same time, is a staple for many others. Soigne doesn’t advertise. It’s not flashy. It’s comfortable and sophisticated in its own way.

The Food At Soigné

Siogne is known as a popular spot for lunch. Each day Puppy has a special sandwich or two, and a number of customer favorites, all made with fresh ingredients and made to order.

For some reason, I had thought that Soigne was going to be super expensive. Maybe because of the name or just because of the quaintness of the building that it’s in.

lunch menuHowever, I was wrong. Sandwiches are priced comparable to other popular lunch spots and maybe even a little less expensive than others. Soigne’s Italian sub is $8.95, and it’s made with some seriously good Italian meats and cheese.

Soigne Chicken salad Martha's Vineyard Lunch Take Out Food

Puppy said the chicken salad sandwich is one of his most sought after sandwiches. Why? Well, he poaches the chicken daily and prepares the chicken salad daily.

He wouldn’t let me in on the other ingredients. There are also house made soups available to have or add to your lunch.

I can’t believe I have never stopped here for lunch before. There’s outdoor seating in the front of the building during the warmer months, where I could write blogs and enjoy a tasty bite, and there’s even parking, so I don’t have to drive all over the place.

Bean & Cheese Burritos At Soigné Edgartown Lunch Take Out Food

In addition to the sandwiches, the prepared food selection is fantastic, and Puppy said that it’s even better during the Summer months. There was Moussaka, sesame chicken, roasted veggies, bean and cheese burritos and so much more. Each one looking more yummy than the one next to it.

Roasted veggies At Soigne Martha's Vineyard Take Out Food EdgartownLet me not forget to mention Soigne’s brownies. One of their signature desserts, their ganache brownies are so rich and decadent and scrumptious.

I grabbed one while there and had a quarter of one for breakfast, not the most nutritious thing but a most delicious thing. There are also fresh baked cookies and cupcakes and other treats.

Ganache brownies At Soigne Market Edgartown

Lots of people stop by and grab food to bring home for dinner. Soigne is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. It’s even open on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Blizzards don’t stop Puppy from opening. He is very hands on and wants to be there for his customers.

The only time Puppy and his partner DeeDee close is for the month of March. At that time, they travel the world and come back inspired, ready for the Summer months.

So, you can swing by for the chicken salad a couple more times before next month.

More Than Food

As if all the food wasn’t enough, how about the fact that you can get exotic spices and ingredients at Soigne. You can also get amazing speciality garnishes for cocktails. There’s even caviar here!

More than food There’s a good selection of wine — that’s priced fairly. There are also soft drinks and beer available too.

Wine & Beer at Soigne Market Edgartown

Did you know that Soigne also has quite the selection of gourmet cheeses from around the world, as well as meats and crackers? You could make a professional grade cheese and charcuterie plate from this specialty shop.

There’s even one of my favs from the good ole USA, Humboldt Fog. Yum.

Cheese Board At Soigné Martha's Vineyard Dining & Gourmet Market

It’s literally one stop shopping. You can grab napkins, drinks, dinner, dessert and more all at Soigne. Crazy that I didn’t know this.

napkins and more What’s In A Name

Soigne was Puppy’s nickname back when he was working in the kitchen, apprenticing with French chefs in Boston.

Soigne is a verb and an adverb in the French language. It means to take care and also it means it’s a speciality. Because Puppy did things so carefully and with attention to detail, his nickname became Soigne.

Wine & Cheese Counters At Soigné Market Edgartown

When Puppy first opened the store, it was the first of its kind on the Vineyard — a shop that had gourmet, specialty items — the name Soigné translated well, as it still does.

Did you know that the original location of Soigne was where the gas station is across the street? Soigne, Shiretown Meats, and Midway Market were all there. However, Soigne and Shiretown (which I have never eaten from either) grew to fit the demands of the Island which continued to grow.

In addition to what’s available at the shop, Soigne caters all sorts of events and even makes wedding cakes. From big to small, they can do it.

You need a whole lasagna for a dinner party, Puppy can make it happen. You need a tray of sandwiches for a picnic on the beach or for a meeting at the office, Soigne is the place.

Puppy is all about the customer. He actually knows what most customers want when they come through the door.

Love these Chianti bottles At Soigné Market Martha's Vineyard

Many of Soigne’s customers have been with them since they first opened their doors, and he knows what they want and like, and people really appreciate it.

However, Soigne would love to see some new faces stop by and give them a try. Now that I know that the food selection is good and not expensive like I had assumed, I’ll be there. I can rotate my Edgartown lunch experience.

Puppy said if enough people want to sit out front or in the back by the herb garden, of course they grow their own, and want to work or play on the internet, he said he’d be happy to let people use Soigne’s wi-fi. I like the sound of that, soaking up the sun, watching the cars go by on upper Main Street.

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