Breakfast At The Dock Street Counter – Real Simple, Real Good, All Year Long In Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

Dock Street Coffee Shop Edgartown Breakfast & Lunch Dining Martha's Vineyard

Continuing with my Winter quest of visiting places on Martha’s Vineyard that are not part of my usual repertoire, I put on my Frugal Foodie hat and decided to stop by Dock Street Coffee Shop in Edgartown for breakfast.

Dock Street has been serving up breakfast and lunch for 40 years. For years, it was the only place to get breakfast in town, but now that’s changed.

However, what hasn’t changed much is Dock Street itself, though it did get new floors and a new counter top last week.

Inside Dock Street Coffee Shop Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

It harkens back to simpler times. The menu is simple but plentiful, there’s not much decor, but this place is special. It’s cool without trying because there isn’t anything left like it on the Island.

Janey Sobel At Dock Street Coffee Shop Martha's Vineyard Dining

I was greeted immediately by a friendly face, Janey, who happend to be the daughter of the owner, Mary Sobel. This worked out well because I already met the person to ask my 1,000 questions to… little did she know.

Coffee To Go At Dock Street Coffee Shop Edgartown

I needed a minute to decide because first I had to take in the scene. It had been about 10 years since my last visit.

There were a couple guys sitting at the counter, eating breakfast, a couple of people ordering to go, and someone fixing the soda machine.

I loved watching it all. Janey knew the people getting take out by name and what they wanted, knew how the next guy who came in wanted his coffee.

The man fixing the machine was talking about the fact that he’s been coming to Dock Street for 35 years. It was a Norman Rockwell moment for me, the outsider. I was really enjoying being there.

Playboy Magazine Named Dock Street Coffee Shop Number 5 Best Restaurant To Get Breakfast In The NortheastPerhaps, this in addition to the food, is why Playboy Magazine last Fall, gave Dock Street the honor of number five in the Northeast for where to get breakfast.

How about that for a bonus acknowledgment? And the owners had no idea until a customer told them. I bet he got the magazine for the articles.

Dining At Dock Street

Love the menu. It’s the original from when it opened, although it’s been modified throughout the years. I even like that tax is included in the price.

From a Frugal Foodie point of view, I have to say the prices are pretty reasonable, but I have to note that there will be some increases in items next week.

The menu at Dock Street Diner Martha's Vineyard Breakfast & Lunch Restaurants

What to get? I knew that pancakes were available but I just had some over the weekend. I also learned that these are only around during the off-season.

Maybe a breakfast sandwich? Janey said the French toast was good, so I decided to try that with a side of sausage of course. I was warned that there would not be anything on the French toast, it was just French toast, no powdered sugar, nothing else.

I said perfect, I didn’t need anything else and didn’t expect foo foo to be served up here. I would be disappointed if it was. That’s not what Dock Street feels like. It feels like you get good food fast. You can eat it up and leave or you can linger over your cup of coffee and maybe catch up on some gossip.

French toast and sausage at Dock Street Edgartown Breakfast & Lunch Restaurants

My breakfast was in front of me in all of about three minutes. Wow was it fast. It was perfect in presentation. Just what I ordered.

It was good too. The sausage flavorful, and the French toast a classic hit. Smothering both in syrup, I was happy to consume every last bit, knowing that I had to hit the gym after.

The simplicity of it all, the friendliness of it all, was a ray of sunshine on a grey Monday morning. It was like being in a breakfast Cheers. Though there is lunch available too.

Dock Street is open daily (almost every day of the year) from 6:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sometimes in the Summer, when it’s crazy, they just serve up breakfast the whole time they’re open. No time to switch over.

Breakfast At The Dock Street Coffee Shop Edgartown

There are some favorites of Dock Street patrons. The Bacon Mac is probably the most popular item. It’s bacon, egg, and cheese on a muffin. Whether to go or for dining in, it’s really popular.

Breakfast Specials at Dock Street Coffee Shop Martha's Vineyard Breakfast DiningA lot of the lunch crowd favor the Deluxe Cheeseburger which has bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on it. Also, the egg salad is a big hit, perhaps the best on the Island according to some.

I bet the Monte Cristo is delish. Guess I’m coming back for lunch soon, shucks.

Behind The Counter

Janey Sobel is one of four kids and has worked at Dock Street since she was nine. Her siblings either have or still do work there. Her mom bought the restaurant 20 years ago.

Janey grew up at Dock Street and loves how special it is and how it’s retained its feel, while so much else has changed. She’s only there now in the off-season. On-season she is gardening professionally and she is also a private chef.

She’s great with the customers and is fun to talk to. Usually I am in and out from a place, on to the next scheduled event, but I took my time here. Staying after my plate was cleared to chat more and hang out.

Mary Sobel. owner of Dock Street Coffee Shop Martha's Vineyard Dining

Janey’s mom, Mary, came in to check on things. They’re still recovering a bit from the renovations that were done last week.

New floors and counters are a big deal for this eatery. Also, it was the first time they have been closed for a full week. Sometimes it might be for a day or two but never before for a week.

Chatting with Mary, I found out that she had worked at Dock Street before buying it. Once you’re a part of it, you fall in love.

Even the cook, Darren, has history there. His father, Don, was the cook for years and trained Darren. It’s a family and it’s nice to be a part of it for a bit.

Darren The Cook at Dock Street Coffee Shop Edgartown

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