A Wee Little St. Patrick’s Day Fun On Martha’s Vineyard

St. Patrick’s Day brings out the best in Islanders!  First – so many of us are indeed Irish, at least in spirit today. Second, at this time of the year, we’re raring for a reason to get out and celebrate, and the 2nd Annual Wee St. Patrick’s Day Parade offers just that.

The parade is sponsored by the Newes (From America Pub) in Edgartown, and is most likely the smallest parade in the world, but it’s also a lot of fun.

The parade begins by Dock Street with the sound of bagpipes echoing down the street, followed by people tossing candy, and of course, a firetruck with the crowd bringing up the rear.  It’s a great parade, so Vineyard.  It is especially sweet for little kids, which works for me since I had two with me.

It ends at the Newes Pub where you get to enjoy the moves of the Vineyard Swordfish.  Who knew that the Island had it’s own longsword team? What on earth is it? The longsword looks like a sword of some type.  It is not sharp and originally derived from a tanning implement.   The Vineyard Swordfish have some entertaining dance routines with these longswords.  It was fun to watch, and the kids were mesmerized by them.

More Than A Parade

When that’s over, you can take the kiddos over to the space next to the Newes where there was cotton candy (green of course), popcorn and the favorite Family Dance-O-Roma.

After dancing a little Irish Jig, it was time for lunch and beer of course.  The Wharf and the Newes were the places to be.  Both packed with a sea of green, we were lucky enough to get a seat at the Newes where we drank Harpoon Celtic Ale which is a nice Irish red ale.  It went perfectly with our St. Patty’s Day lunch.  The restaurant was fpacked.  You felt a part of something special, like the whole town was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day together.

The best part of the day was the fact that you were able to see so many friends.  The street was packed with Islanders young and old.  All in great spirits and celebrating this festive holiday together.  Each year, it gets bigger and better. I had a great time, and I’m in for next year’s Wee St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire ~ Irish Blessing

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