Change Of Plans For 57 Circuit Avenue In Oak Bluffs

57 Circuit Avenue Oak Bluffs New Home For Edgartown National Bank + New Restaurant Or StoreLast week when I was walking to the Oak Bluffs post office, I took a moment to look at the changes happening to what I call the old Oyster Bar building. It was completely gutted, a shell. Part of me was a little sad, since I have a lot of fun memories in that space, but part of me was really happy to know that soon it will be a beautiful building again.

Original Plan For 57 Circuit Avenue Oak Bluffs RenovationWanting to know more about the space, I met with Gregory Berks, the Vice President, COO at Edgartown National Bank and the project manager of this building, 57 Circuit Avenue.  The last thing I had heard was that it was going to be three stories, house a bank branch, retail space and apartments, but turns out, that is no longer the case.

Plans Change

Things have changed a bit, and I think people are going to be a lot happier about what Edgartown National Bank is doing with the  building.  It is not going to be three stories, but will remain one story.  A number of Oak Bluffs residents were concerned about the size of the new structure, and how it would affect the Campground commuity directly behind it.

Hearing this, Edgartown National Bank decided it would be better to save the structure, since it is an older building, with history, and have it undergo a major renovation. Much of the structure was unsalvagable, but the frame of the building is being saved.

With this renovation, the completed building will be smiliar to the old structure, but new and  better (no leaky roof).  It’s nice to know that this small community bank valued what Vineyard residents thought.

What Will Occupy the Space?

Right Side Of 57 Circuit Avenue Oak Bluffs Home Of New Edgartown National BankThe right hand side of the building will definitely be the new home of the Oak Bluffs branch of Edgartown National Bank. The branch by the post office will be relocated here. That should be a win for customers, since it will most likely be easier to find parking at this end of Circuit Avenue.

Also, this is a commitment by the bank to be further immersed in the community. They’re not just a tenant but also the owner of the building, and will keep it maintained.  This is important, since a lot of buildings on Circuit Avenue could use a little TLC.

57 Circuit Avenue Oak Bluffs Left SideThe left side of the building will be either retail space or a restaurant.  Gregory said there’e been a lot of interest, but he would not spill the beans. This too will be a great addition. This end of Circuit Avenue has really seen some positive changes.

With this newly renovated building, the recent addition of Conroy’s Apothecary, Vineyard Vines, and Martha’s Vineyard Yoga Center, Circuit Avenue is becoming even more of a destination for Islanders and visitors.

When Will the Doors Be Open

Inside of 57 Circuit Avenue Oak Bluffs Edgartown National Bank & New Restaurant StoreEdgartown National Bank’s plan was to have the building completed by the Summer, but with the change in design plans and some typical construction delays, this may not be the case. So, it will be completed in phases. A priority is to finish up the exterior so this building is not an eyesore during the Summer season.  They hope to have it finished by Memorial Day.  

Also, the retail/restaurant space will be completed first for the Summer, and the bank’s side will be completed after. Edgartown National Bank will most likely move into it’s new home in the Fall.

It will be exciting to see the new 57 Circuit Avenue once it’s completed.  A building with a fun, interesting past is getting a new lease on life.

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3 thoughts on “Change Of Plans For 57 Circuit Avenue In Oak Bluffs”

  1. I’m so glad that you wrote about this! I saw this recently myself and had the same feeling you described. Nice to know what’s happening there! thanks.

    1. Hi Christine-
      Thanks for reading this. It will be to see it complete, and enhance Circuit:-). I hope a restaurant goes in the space:-). I really do have some great memories in that space.

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