A Welcomed Washashore – Wash Ashore Beer Born On Martha’s Vineyard, Brewed In Maine

This seems to be the season for making dreams and hobbies become realities on Martha’s Vineyard. From craft spirits to pizza places to beer, people are embracing what they’re passionate about and turning it into businesses.

Wash Ashore Beer Martha's Vineyard

For quite a while, John Clift (Vintage MV) and Joe Monteiro (Atlantic Restaurant), have been talking about the possibility of making beer together. After years of research and development, they got finally got serious about it.

In addition to John and Joe, they’ve partnered with Chad and Michelle Verdi. Chad has a strong business background, is founder and owner of Verdi Productions, and his wife Michelle has a passion for craft beer. Chad is a fan too of course.

Together they created Wash Ashore Beer Company, Vineyard Born Maine Brewed. Why Maine you might be wondering for an Island beer? It was not feasible to create a commercial brewery on Martha’s Vineyard for the company. So they needed to find another source to brew and bottle Wash Ashore.

Peak-organic Brewing Company Maine Craft Beer Brewers For Wash Ahore Beer Martha's Vineyard

John has a lot of connections in the beer world. One of his friends, Jon Cadoux, from Peak Organic Brewery, he’s known for years. Peak Organic contracts space from Shipyard Brewery in Maine, and John knew that this was where Wash Ashore needed to be made. Portland has one of the best water sources in the country and beer cultures. It was a perfect fit.

True Love Is Born From Understanding – Buddha

Introducing Wash Ashore Company’s first beer, the Buddha Pale Ale. Why this name? Well, John is a Buddhist, and each of Wash Ashore’s beers will have a proprietary name that is significant to its owners. John’s beer is first up.

Buddha & the Pale Ale Wash Ashore Beer Martha's Vineyard

I chose the quote above because of the amount of research that has to go into creating, understanding the alchemy, the art of beer making. From this, one can create, craft something to love, and celebrate.

Something to celebrate. Buddha is a pale ale, with great hoppy notes. Being a beer fan, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how good Buddha was. I admit that I had more then one.

The flavor is fresh and the bouquet has beautiful citrus notes. The color is warm and golden. Though hoppy, it is balanced and easy to drink, only 5% ABV. It’s the perfect beer for the Summer, the perfect first beer to release on Martha’s Vineyard.

Buddha Pale ALe At Wash Ashore Beer Launch Party Martha's VineyardAll of Wash Ashore’s beers will be made with the highest quality organic products. The beers will be built on aromatics, hop-driven, but always balanced. I think future beers will be just as impressive. I’m intrigued and look forward to the next beer launched.

Tap The Keg Soiree

Joe, John, Michelle, and Chad hosted a “Tap the Keg Soiree” at the Verdi’s house in Edgartown to introduce Wash Ashore to a number of their favorite Vineyard Vendors. The event was catered by Joe’s other new endeavor, Pizza Di Napoli.

Wash Ashore Beer Tap The Keg Soiree Beer Launch Party Edgartown

Needless to say, the soiree was well attended. A number of beer enthusiasts were there, and it was definitely a fun scene. The beer was really well received, and I think we can all agree that this is about to become a Summer staple. Also, chances are you’ll see a lot of us sporting Wash Ashore t-shirts this season. The swag bags that guests received were chocked full of wearable goodies!

Lookout & Rockfish Restaurants Represented At Wash Ashore Beer Paunch Party Martha's Vineyard

Thanks Marnely Murray for the team photo (below), since mine was way too dark! On the left is Walter John, their distributor, Chad, John, Joe, and Michelle in the front. Congrats to this team! We wish you much success.

The Wash Ashore team At Martha's Vineyard Beer Launch Party

Wash Ashore’s Budda will be available May 1st. Look for the logo on taps at your favorite bars and for six packs at the package stores.

Wash Ashore Logo Bags Martha's Vineyard Beer

The Wash Ashore Beer Company’s website is under developed. In the meantime, you can find out all the latest happenings on its Facebook page. And speaking of social media, don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

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  1. Great idea for gifts to go-6pk in a Wash Ashore bag!! More exciting than a jar of jam! Where is the location?

    1. You’ll be able to get it soon definitely at Vintage MV Wine & Spirits in Nevin Square – edgartown

  2. Would love to bring you into the fold………. I live on the Cape, Osterville/Centerville. Great success with these at Cape Cod Beer, Buzzards Bay, Mayflower, among many others.

    Had a great Craft Brewers Conference and still have some great show specials available. Give me a call at 508-280-0539 & let’s work on some great selling, easy to pack swag. Make $$$$ in less than a square foot

    Thanx and cheers


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