Adding To The Pack – The Second Wolf’s Den Pizzeria Opens In Edgartown

Popular Wolf’s Den Pizzeria owners, James Goff and Tanya Chipperfield, are not ones to turn away from opportunity. Not that long ago, they had to chance to open a second Wolf’s Den, where Island Pizza was currently in Edgartown, next to Your Market.

Wolf's Den Pizzeria Opens In Edgartown

Before the call from then owner Lisa Brown Huff, James and Tanya were looking at the possibility of opening a Wolf’s Den food truck. However, fate intervened.

It was about a month to the day after the call, that Wolf’s Den opened its second location. After 10 days of intense renovations and cleaning, the doors where open and people were lining up.

Since opening, James and Tanya have been very happy with the business. People are coming and are excited at the new food options they have. So many people are also happy that they don’t have to drive all the way to Vineyard Haven to get Wolf’s Den pizza.

Martha's Vineyard Pizza - Wolf's Den Owners James Goff and Tanya Chipperfield In New Edgartown Restaurant

Right now, the Wolf’s Den in Vineyard Haven is in the very capable hands of James’ top manager and Tanya, while he focuses on getting everything to be just as good in Edgartown as the first restaurant.

Things are coming along nicely, many of the staff from Island Pizza has stayed on, and are now learning the Wolf’s Den way of doing things.

Food At Wolf’s Den

The menu is the same and the specials will most likely be the same. Consistency and quality is important at Wolf’s Den. Focusing on food made with fresh ingredients and signature house made sauces is what makes this place, well now two locations, so popular.

Grinders at Wolf's Den Pizzeria Edgartown Restaurant

Watching James make his signature giant meatballs, you can see the goodness that goes into each and every one. Though I have not had a Sliced Meatball Sub, I am thinking I might have to.

Don’t think I’ve ever actually had sliced meatballs, it’s always been big meatballs. This approach sounds a little easier.

Giant Meatballs At Wolf's Den Pizzeria Martha's Vineyard Pizza Grinders Edgartown Pizzeria

The pizzas come in two sizes, big and small. I got a small Big Mac Pizza (should have been a large). Of course it was beyond delicious and tasted like a Big Mac but without the guilt, since it’s all fresh ingredients, and a slice or two can be nearly as bad as the real thing.

There’s lettuce, a special sauce, burger and even sesame seeds baked into the crust. Speaking of crust, I love the crust at Wolf’s Den. It’s not deep but not thin . You just have to have it for yourself.

Big Mac pizza At Wolf's Den Pizzeria Edgartown Food To GoThere are so many pizzas to choose from, sandwiches too, hot and cold. Don’t forget salads that are ready to go, slices to grab, and soon wraps will be added to the menu.

There are burgers and apps including wings, onion rings, fries, mozzerella and more. Something for everyone at the office or at home.

Leading The Pack

For James and Tanya, who are a year and a half into owning the original Wolf’s Den, adding this second one has really led to a rejuvenation of sorts. Both are inspired by having this new location and creating another great place to eat on Martha’s Vineyard.

New Wolf's Den Pizza Opens In Edgartown

When I asked about differences between what’s being ordered between Edgartown and Vineyard Haven, James said right now, people are just trying everything there.

In Vineyard Haven, there are some clear favorites and a lot of regulars. So it’s fun seeing people get excited about what they’re ordering.

Wolf's Den Food To Go Edgartown Take Out Food Martha's VineyardThe Edgartown restaurant has the same vibe. Casual, great classic rock, and of course Grateful Dead art — just like the one in Vineyard Haven. The goal is to make both places one of the go to spots for lunch and dinner take-away. There is seating of course, but most people get Wolf’s Den to go.

Martha's Vineyard Take Out Food Wolf's Den Pizzeria Edgartown Food To Go

For James and Tanya, this new endeavor is another way to create roots and a legacy for their family on this amazing Island.

Wolf’s Den in Edgartown and Vineyard Haven are open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily.

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