Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery Opens Its Doors In Edgartown

Bad Martha Farmer's Brewery Opens In Edgartown Martha's Vineyard Craft Beer

History is being made in Edgartown this week. The doors will open at Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery — perhaps Edgartown’s first brewery.

This new place is sure to delight beer enthusiasts from all over. And though there are currently only three varieties of Bad Martha’s beer available elsewhere, at the brewery, there will be up to 10.

Meet the Brewer

Bad Martha Master Brewer Jim Carleton

I met with Bad Martha Master Brewer/General Manager, Jim Carleton to find out what’s going to be on tap, a little about him, and of course, to check out the building, I am a curious one you know.

Jim loves beer. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, he became interested in beer and how it’s made while in school. He volunteered at a brewery and he found what his purpose — to make good beer.

He’s been brewing for over 10 years. From Sweetwater Brewing Company (Georgia), to Ipswich Ale Brewery, to John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House, and Boston Beer Works, this man knows beer. He enjoys the chemical reactions that happen to create different types of beer.

Jim Carleton Stirring Beer At Bad Martha Brewery Edgartown

With craft beers, like the Bad Martha ones being served at the brewery, Jim can really explore the beer world. If you ask him what his favorite style is, he likes them all. From lagers to abbeys to IPA’s to stouts, as long as it’s a good beer.

Lucky for us, Jim happens to brew great beer.

What’s on Tap

When you visit the brewery, you’ll be able to try Bad Martha Vineyard Ale, Vineyard Summer Ale, and Island IPA. However, you’ll also be able to try a number of new beers.

As you may know, the Bad Martha beers are made with locally grown grape leaves, which gives you a little MV in every bottle, but other beers you’ll find at Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery have even more local ingredients.

For Jim and the owners of Bad Martha, it’s good to go local as much as possible.

Bad Martha Beers

There is a chocolate stout that is made with Not Your Sugar Mamas’ chocolate. There are 20 pounds of chocolate in this batch, and in a 150 gallon tank, that’s a lot of chocolate you’d think.

But the beer is smooth, and has a wonderful chocolate presence. Since the beer is malty and Not Your Sugar Mamas‘ chocolate is not sweet, it works perfectly together. I recommend trying this beer even if you’re not a stout fan.

Bad Martha Farmer's BreweryJim has also brewed a Honey Helles. This is a light, German style lager, but what makes this so special is that it was made with 30 pounds of honey from MV Honey Company.

After you take a sip, you can taste the subtle honey flavors. this is a great option for light beer drinkers.

Another one of my favorites is the whit beer, a German style wheat beer, which has notes of clove and citrus, and is oh so refreshing on a hot day. I really loved this one too and highly recommend it.

Soon, there will be a coffee brown ale, made with Chilmark Coffee, a hefewezien, which is an unfiltered German style wheat beer, a Double IPA and more. I can’t tell you about them all. You have to go and find out what’s new on tap.

With a seven barrel system, four fermenters, and six serving tanks, Bad Martha will be brewing up good beer all summer long and well into the off-season. The stout is good now but can’t you imagine enjoy it during sweater weather too?

Beers range in price from $5 – $7 and maybe more, depending on the beer. Some beers are harder to make and some require much pricier ingredients. Flights will be available too, so you can create your own sampler.

Martha’s Vineyard’s First Beer Garden

Well, really it’s 10 seat bar inside with ample space to stand, and a number of places to sit outside.

Jim and Maria Carleton - The Brewers At Bad Martha

The inside is rustic and chic, a bit like a barn which is why it’s called Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery, and full of all sorts of fun Bad Martha goodies, from tote bags to clever t-shirts, to cool plastic red Solo inspired cups.

Also, you have a clear view of the brewing equipment. Chances are you might see Jim or his wife Maria, the assistant brewer, checking how the fermentation process is going and such.

Beer Garden At Bad Martha Farmer's Brewery

The porch and the outside patio are full of seating options. The space feels like you’re in a garden, hence me calling it a beer garden. There are beautiful flowers and plants a plenty, and the space is quite relaxing.

Bad Martha Brewery

Also, there will be a little added fun outside, including corn hole and a ring toss. Who doesn’t like to have the opportunity to play outdoor games?

What Goes Well With Beer?

Why pretzels of course! The Scottish Bakehouse in West Tisbury is baking special pretzels for Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery which will be served with a beer mustard, made with the Vineyard Ale.

There will also be brownies from the Bakehouse, made with Bad Martha’s stout. Double the chocolate goodness.

Bad Martha Brewey

The brewery is opening Saturday, June 21st. It will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It’s the perfect place to go to relax, enjoy a great beer and a nibble, be a little bad and do a little good.

Bad MarthaI say good because a portion of the profits go directly to the Island Food Pantry. To find out more about this and Bad Martha, you can check out the On Point blog – A New Beer In Town – Bad Martha Beer Lands On The Shores Of Martha’s Vineyard.

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