Nik’s Donuts At The Harbor View Hotel – A New Edgartown Sunday Tradition On Martha’s Vineyard

Triple Berry Donut at Nik's Donuts Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard Dining

For some reason this summer, I am all about donuts. Typically my husband’s bailiwick, these sweet, easy to carry, even easier to eat, sweet treats are my new obsession.

So naturally, when I saw that Chef Nik (Nikolas Mastalerz) from the Harbor View Hotel was doing Nik’s Donuts on Sunday morning, I had to check it out.

Designer Donuts

Nik's Donuts at the Harbor View Hotel Edgartown

To find Nik’s Donut’s you have to walk around the hotel to the side where the pool is. There you’ll find a sign showing that you’re heading in the right direction.

Enter, and make your way past the pool, and the pool bar, and you’ll find the door to Nik’s Donuts.

Back Door Donuts At Nik's Donuts Martha's Vineyard Dining

Of course the pool is beautiful and a great place to stop for a bit on a Sunday morning. You could also take your little treat to the front porch.

The Harbor View Hotel Poolside Dining

Each week there is one “designer” donut and a signature drink to accompany it. It’s called designer because each flavor is handcrafted and developed with care, and each week it’s a different one.

So, if you truly love it, have two because you might never see it again.

The Donut Diet

Why a new donut every week? Well in the winter, Chef Nik joined the gym, and it was so packed come January. People joked about diets and New Year’s resolutions and pounds to be lost.

Nik's Doughnuts

Nik decided he wanted to make a resolution, to make a new donut every week. And that’s what he’s been doing. He started making a donut each week for Sunday’s brunch at the hotel.

Chef Nik Mastalerz At Work On His Designer Donuts Harbor View Hotel

People started talking about the donuts, and they became very popular. Hmmm, for some reason I think this would be a bad resolution for me, but I am grateful for his.

Why not have a little fun with the donuts, offer an experience on a Sunday morning unlike any other in Edgartown.

People can walk down North Water Street, take in the views of the water and the amazing homes, with a mission in mind — a gourmet, one-of-a-kind fresh baked donut. I love the idea. A fun little tradition to start.

Donuts to Delight the Palate

When I went, Nik had made a triple berry jelly donut. Fresh raspberries, blackberries and blueberries combined into a delicious jelly that fills a light, buttery de-lic-ious donut.

You could taste the freshness of the fruit, and the donut had none of the artificial tastes that can frequently be found.

Most donuts are made with a lot of processed ingredients, not Nik’s designer donuts. There are probably some of the healthiest donuts you’ll ever have.

I didn’t even feel guilty after eating the whole thing. I can’t wait to try another!

To help wash down these tasty morsels, Chef Nik creates a signature drink each week. This visit, it was blueberry, lemon iced tea.

Sometimes it’s lemonade too. Nik makes the tea and lemonade too. Fresh, fresh, fresh!

The Harbor View Hotel Side Door Donuts at Nik's

How does Nik come up with his flavors? Well, being a chef, he has inspiration all around him, and the staff help with ideas too. When we were talking about his 52 different donuts, we were even brainstorming.

Maybe one with rhubarb, or one made with the lavender from the front of the hotel, perhaps a lemon basil jelly. The options are endless!

You can get Nik’s Donuts on Sundays stating at 10 a.m. all summer long. They’ll be available until they sell out, but be warned there is limited supply. The donuts are also part of the Harbor View’s brunch.

Nik’s designer donuts are pretty spectacular. I can’t wait to see what other flavors he does. I am sad that I missed the mocha chip one which was made with Chilmark Coffee.

Oh well, I’ll be keeping an eye on the Harbor View’s Facebook page since the donut of the week usually is posted the Friday or Saturday before.

Poolside Bar - Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

On a side note, soon you can even have a Mimosa or Bloody Mary with your donut. The Harbor View is opening it’s new poolside bar next week. This combination could be the perfect remedy for one’s Saturday night summer adventures.

The pool at the Harbor View Hotel Edgartown

I wonder what Nik’s New Year’s resolution will be for 2015? Maybe a new gourmet popcorn every week, maybe a cookie? Guess we’ll have to waut and see.

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