Bluerock Design Company, Big Design From A Little Island – Martha’s Vineyard

For the past two years, people have been telling me about this amazing husband/wife design company on the Vineyard, Bluerock Design. There are a couple Island businesses whose logos and marketing I’ve admired, that was done by Bluerock Design.

Bluerock Design Martha's Vineyard

Finally, after meeting with Emily from Morrice Florist, who had worked with them and gave high accolades, I knew it was time. I ventured onto their website and was blown away by the work they do. It is so much more than a logo. It’s a process. A branding process that encompasses all aspects of a company’s marketing.

A Bluerock Design Island Grown Schools Martha's Vineyard

Not only were the clients’ logos on their sight fantastic, but the clients they work with were beyond impressive. From Neiman Marcus Luxury Essentials to Island Grown Schools, to L.L. Bean Signature to Honeysuckle Oysters, Morrice Florist to Boston Harbor Distillery, the list is impressive.

Honeysuckle Oysters Bluerock Design Clients Martha's vineyard

It’s crazy to think that from this little Island comes such serious branding.

Behind The Design

Not knowing much about Bluerock Design, I was excited to see what founders Ben Scott and Lainey Fink were like. I was a little intimidated even. I love the science of marketing and branding, and to meet two people who are serious players in this field, is kind of like meeting a celebrity.

So, we scheduled a meeting at Littlehouse Cafe. Over coffee and tea, I got to know more about this dynamic duo, which may I add, make an adorable couple, who are so wonderful together.

Ben Scott & Lainey Fink Bluerock Design FoundersOK, let’s talk about them and how Bluerock came about, and how they came here of all places.

Harvard University & Bluerock Design

Lainey and Ben both attended RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), where they met and became friends. Lainey is from Rhinebeck, NY and Ben is from Martha’s Vineyard. What’s interesting though, is that Lainey vacationed on the Island every year since she was born.

There was an immediate Island connection that bonded them, and eventually they began dating.

Neiman Marcus Logo Branding By Bluerock Design Martha's Vineayrd

Both graduated and went to work at big design firms in big cites, and eventually were both in Boston working. Ben liked his job, Lainey did not love hers. After six years of working in big companies, they had learned a lot — what to do and what not to do.

Harbor View Hotel Bluerock Design Branding Advertising

Ben’s boss had a saying, “Leap and a net will appear.” Ben and Lainey did just that. From their experience, they learned that it is best for the designer to foster the relationship with a client.

That research and walking a mile in their shoes, like oystering with Nic Turner for a day from Honeysuckle Oysters, was the way to connect and build the best brand possible for the client, the connection, and most importantly, trust.

Tisbury Turkey Logo Branding Design By Bluerock Design Martha's Vineyard

The client has to trust Ben and Lainey and vice versa. There’s a lot riding on this relationship. The creative process is not simple, and creating a successful brand is imperative for many companies. Trust plays an important role in working with Bluerock Design.

LL Bean & Bluerock Design Martha's Vineyard

And it shows in the work Bluerock Design produces. For them, it’s about creating timeless brands, not playing into trends. Producing images that will still be relevant in 10 years and perhaps even 100 years from now.

There is a project that they are currently working on that is really something special. Bluerock is designing the 2017 Farmer’s Almanac, the oldest publication in print in the US! Right here, on this little Island, something so woven into modern history is getting a complete renovation.

The company sent reprints of Farmer’s Almanacs than spanned the publication’s life. Both Lainey and Ben were surprised to see how much it has gotten away from its roots. I took this as a subtle hint that 2017’s is going to have a nod to earlier editions.

An added bonus about being on Island is the relationship that they have with Sam Berlow and The Font Bureau. Sam is the godfather of fonts and just happens to live on Island. Ben and Lainey have been working closely with The Font Bureau to create new fonts and typefaces for the Farmer’s Almanac.

This edition is going to be one for the records I think. Bluerock Design has the chance to really create something special, and is up to the challenge. There will be nothing like it on the bookshelves.

Why Bluerock?

The name is interesting. When coming up with a name, they wanted it to be neutral but have a level of significance to both of them

Ben is from the “Rock” which can take on a blueish hue, when in view on the Steamship Authority. So, that’s why it’s special to him.

blue rock from NYFor Lainey, there are the most beautiful blue, almost turquoise rocks found in a river by where she grew up. She has several and Ben has even found them while fly fishing there.

So, Bluerock resonated with both of them, and it works.

From The Big City To The “Rock”

Lainey and Ben have been together for 10 years and married for two. Since they got together, Ben had been trying to get Lainey to move to Martha’s Vineyard. However, as many of us know, that’s a big change.

The first step to getting her here year-round — other than coming in the summer — was a move to Duxbury. Though lovely, it was not the right place for the couple, but Lainey was not sure the Vineyard was ideal either.

Salty Girl Jewelry Design By Martha's Vineyard Bluerock Design group

For a while, Ben had been watching a house on Zillow, and decided to check it out, when he came home to visit his family. The house surpassed all expectations. He got Lainey to the Island the following weekend to check it out.

She said, “This complicates things.” With designer’s eyes, they could see the potential this house had. Shortly after, it was theirs. A little background. It was one of the old farmhouses that used to sit on property near Island Alpaca. The house was dismantled and brought to its current location.

Bluerock Design Home Office Martha's Vineyard

Now, they have a house that they call home, and work space that they love. They even have a puppy, Bodie who works alongside of them. Moving to the Island has given them the chance to be a part of a community. A community that has such a diverse population. There is art and music and endless activities.

Lainey Fink Ceramics Martha's Vineyard

It is here that they create beautiful things for businesses big and small. It’s here that Ben fishes and Lainey does pottery, Lainey Fink Scott Handmade Ceramics (soon to be available at Morrice Florist, but you can check it out here on her website). It might be a small Island but there’s the potential for big reach.

Bluerock Design works with companies big and small. For them it’s about the owner’s passion and their own, and of course, what the workload will be.

Nomans Rum Bluerock Design

What a treat to meet such talented designers who are doing such great things from the Island. I admire their work and their conviction and dedication. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Bluerock Design, design made on MV! If you have time – peruse their website or Facebook to really get an idea of the scope of their work.

Aslo, I’d like to thank Bluerock Design for letting me use so many of their beautiful photos!

Thanks for reading the On Point Blog. You can learn more about Bluerock Design on Facebook. And speaking of social media, don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

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    1. I am so proud of you . I love the pottery as well as
      your other work. I wish you both lots of success and mazel.


  1. I am so proud of you. I love the pottery as well as your other
    work.. I wish you lots of success and lots of mazel.


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