Taco Tuesdays At Henry’s On Martha’s Vineyard – The Frugal Foodie Dines Out In Edgartown

For this Frugal Foodie, we ventured to Henry’s at the Harbor View Hotel where you can find some of the best (and most delicious) dining deals on the Island during the off-season.

Frugal Foodie At Henry's Harbor View Hotel Edgartown Dining Off Season

As soon as I heard that there was Taco Tuesday, I was in. If you’ve watched the Lego Movie, you know why it resonates so well with me. I’ve had to have a couple of Taco Tuesdays in my house, but none can compare to Henry’s.

Lego movie Taco Tuesday

I am always a fan of Henry’s. I love grabbing one of the booths by the window, hunkering down with friends, and having a good meal. The view, the food, the drinks. It’s always a good time.

Anyhow, Taco Tuesdays at the Henry’s include three carefully crafted tacos with your choice of one — or a combination — of Carne Asada Steak or Marinated Pork “al pastor” (thin shavings of marinated pork) served with house made sauces and condiments.

An added bonus is that you can enjoy Taco Tuesday for lunch or dinner. I went for lunch with my friend Jen, and it was just what the doctor ordered for a chilly, grey Tuesday.

Tasty Beginnings

Before diving in to the special tacos, we started with a couple of appetizers. I mean come on, there’s Captain’s Pigs in a Blanket on the menu. A classic at cocktail parties, we could not resist, and with the American Flag, it’s fantastic.

Pigs in a Blanket At Henry's Restaurant Bar Martha's Vineyard Dining Out

Me, I am a sucker for the Lobster Tacos at the Henry’s. They are always my favorite way to start a meal there. Just the right size to gobble up and the smear of avocado is just the perfect addition.

Lobster Tacos At Henry's Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

Taco Tuesdays

Jen and I ordered a combination of the pork and steak tacos. Before they came to the table, chef Caleb Lara, the executive chef of Henry’s and Lighthouse Grill, stopped by to say hi, and I am so glad he did.

It’s always nice to get an inside look into the creation of a chef’s creation. For Caleb, who grew up in Southern California, there was a tradition when he was a kid of going to taco stands with his dad. Each taco stand had its own specialty, and the flavors he experienced stayed with him.

Chef Caleb Lara Henry's Restaurant Harbor View Hotel Edgartown Dining

For the Winter menu, he has put the most effort into the tacos for Taco Tuesday. The tortilla shells are handmade. They are light and delicious, and don’t fall apart when you eat your taco. Caleb knows a trick or two on how to make a good shell. Also, because there are ways to change the flavor of the tortilla, his are still evolving, and it’s a fun process for him.

Tacos at Henry's Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

With the fillings, Caleb could’t just use any ole meat. A lot of effort goes into preparation for the tacos. The pork is shoulder meat that is marinated in a special marinade, hence why it’s called “al pastor.”

There’s pineapple, garlic, rehydrated chipotle peppers, Mexican cilantro, bay leaf  and more. Then after it’s been marinated and cooked, it is then shaved, and you have a unique, delicious pork base for your tacos.

Jen & the tacos

A beautiful cut of black angus steak is used for the steak tacos. The steak is lightly and simply seasoned and topped with a beautiful house made pico de gallo.  Though the pork tacos were delicious, it was the steak taco that stole my heart. With the fresh toppings and freshly made tortilla, I was in heaven.

Tacos & Painted House Margarita At Henry's Frugal Foodie Martha's VineyardAdd a signature Painted House Margarita and ole’ — you have your own little fiesta with friends. Don’t forget that there are lobster tacos and fish tacos on the Henry’s menu daily, and there may even be a chicken taco coming in the future.

A Frugal Foodie’s Delight

The tacos on Tuesday for $12 are not the only amazing Frugal Foodie option at Henry’s. The Restaurant offers an amazing week of delicious, affordable food options, which make these cold, dark Vineyard nights a lot more fun and bearable.

The biggest hit of the season is the Thursday Dinner which is fried chicken. On Thursday nights, you can get perfectly cooked and seasoned fried chicken with buttery green beans and house made gravy for only $10. This is an amazing deal and a great night to go to Henry’s.

Fried Chicken at Henry's Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie Pick

Last year, it was on Tuesday nights, so I was able to visit often. Now on Thursdays, it’s a little harder for me to go sadly.

There’s also BOGO on Henry’s Black Angus Chedder Burgers for lunch and dinner on Wednesdays. Who doesn’t love a burger, and one for free is even better. The burger is scrumptious but don’t forget those fabulous fries!

There’s a great special every night of the week at Henry’s, making it one of the most popular restaurants this time of year!

Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie Visits Harbor View Hotel Restaurant Henry'sWhatever day or meal you have at Henry’s, it will be a good one. It’s a great spot to dine on Martha’s Vineyard year-round, and chef Caleb Lara is making it even more wonderful.

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