Brewhouse Breakfast At Offshore Ale Co – Saturday Mornings Won’t Be the Same On Martha’s Vineyard

The rumors are true. Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs is offering breakfast. Not just any breakfast, the  Brewhouse Breakfast, which pays a homage to some of their craft beers and love of Irish breakfast.

Brewhouse Breakfast At Offshore Ale Oak Bluffs Restaurants For BreakfastNow on Saturdays, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., you can enjoy the most important meal of the day at one of the best year-round places to eat on Martha’s Vineyard, Offshore Ale.

Breakfast Porter Served For Breakfast At Offshore Ale Martha's Vineyard RestaurantsWhy would you want to add Offshore to your breakfast rotation? Well for one, you can drink the Fogcutter Breakfast Porter (made with Mocha Motts coffee) with your meal. Liam pours a good beer!

Of course there are mimosas, sake bloody marys, juice, tea, and coffee, etc, but it’s a nice reason to mix it up a bit.

Breakfast Porter At Offshore Ale New Breakfast Menu Oak Bluffs DiningOffshore is still cozy in the morning. It has it’s own vibe, no matter what time of day. There was great classic rock playing on Pandora, and we hunkered down in a booth, ready to feast on the newest breakfast menu to hit the Island. Oh, and we brought the kiddos, because Offshore is one of their favorite places to go, for any meal now.

Breakfast – Brewhouse StyleBrewhouse Breakfast At Offshore Ale Oak Bluffs With The Cramer Family

There are some really good breakfast options. I was most excited about the Breakfast Pizza, a take on the popular Potato Pizza found on the lunch and dinner menu.

Breakfast Pizza At Offshore Ale New Breakfast Menu Martha's Vineyard

Pizza for breakfast, so wrong — yet so right. This one features Offshore’s signature Pale Ale hollandaise as the base, mashed potato, crumbled bacon, eggs and cheddar and monterey cheese.

Is it good? Oh yes it is. I’ve been having leftover Potato Pizza for breakfast for years, but this one is much better. You get the added protein from the egg. Every little bit of reasoning helps when you’re eating three slices of this bad boy.

Pizza & Beer For Breakfast Offshore Ale Restaurant Oak BluffsMy husband had the Hash & Eggs which he enjoyed as well. The hash is NOT from a can, and is fresh and tasty. Served with eggs your way, and a choice of bread, it is a filling meal. However, that did not stop Matt from eating some of my pizza too.

Martha's Vineyard Top Breakfast Places: Hash & Eggs New Breakfast At Offshore Ale Co Oak Bluffs

The kids shared an order of pancakes which was three huge pancakes. They each ate one and we saved one to bring home. They liked the pancakes, so everyone was happy at this meal.


Before we dove in to our main meals, we started with an app, the Monkey Bread. This is Offshore’s take on a cinnamon bun. It’s the same flavor concept but this one you break apart, so it’s perfect for sharing. Most everyone likes warm, ooey gooey cinnamon options, but we really liked how easy you could share this.

Breaking the Breakfast MoldMonkey Bread At Offshore Ale Co New Breakfast Menu Oak Bluffs Places To Eat Breakfast

In addition to the Breakfast Pizza, there are some other menu items that pay homage to the lunch and dinner menus. There’s the Yogurt Parfait Mug, filled with greek yogurt, granola, and fruit. Offshore is known for its dessert mugs, and now there’s a breakfast one.

Brewhouse BreakfastYou can find one of the best steaks on the Island at Offshore. Surprised? Many others are too once they discover this. If you can make a good steak at dinner, add it for breakfast for sure.

On the menu, you’ll find Filet & Eggs — an 8 o.z. filet mignon, with eggs your way, and home fries. Sound good? How about the price, it’s only $16.98. That’s a great price for a meal like this.

The Irish Breakfast is not always on the menu, but for years now, Offshore has done a traditional Irish Breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day. People wait all year for this once a year opportunity. Now you can have it every Saturday.

The Irish Breakfast consists of rashers (Irish bacon), bangers (Irish Sausage), eggs, baked beans, home fries, grilled tomato, two eggs, and toast, all for $12.98!

PancakesThere are lots of other options too, a breakfast sandwich, a specialty bagel sandwich, eggs benedict, the Imagination Omlette which is a made to order omlette, and more. Of course there are sides to add to your meal too. Like a side of bangers to go with your pancakes.

Why Breakfast?

After all these years, why add breakfast? Well, Offshore is a true year-round restaurant, only closing on a few select days each year, and this year, one of its neighbors, Linda Jean’s is closing for three months. That leaves a lot of Oak Bluffs and Island residents in need of a good in-town breakfast place, and Offshore is that place on Saturdays.

Places To Eat Breakfast On Martha's Vineyard: Brewhouse Breakfast At Offshore Ale Co Oak Bluffs

All in all, I’d give Offshore a 7.5 out of 10 for breakfast. I’m not even biased because I work there. The breakfast was really good, and I like that there are some new and creative options on the menu. However, I wish there were more recipes using their craft beer and traditional breakfast sausage, bangers are not my thing. We will be going back, soon I think.

Thank you Offshore Ale for making the Brewhouse Breakfast happen. It’s sure to become an off-season favorite. The end date for the Brewhouse Breakfast has not been determined as of yet, but perhaps we can keep it through the late Spring?

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