Sowing In The Seeds Of Creativity, Beauty & Art – The New Morrice Florist On Martha’s Vineyard

Wedding Bouquet by Morrice the Florist“My Heart Flutters with Happiness Everyday Here,” Emily Coulter, January 6th, 2016

On April 1st, Emily Coulter will celebrate her second anniversary as the owner of Morrice Florist, the well known flower shop in Vineyard Haven. Everyday she recognizes how lucky she is to have this amazing shop in her life.

Morrice FloristWas Emily a florist beforehand? Nope, she was a waitress 6 nights a week at Alchemy and a wedding planner. Put both of those together, and you’re hard pressed to find time to spend with your family.

Emily’s father is good friends with Kim O’ Callaghan, who was the third generation to own Morrice Florist. One day she said she was ready for something new to her dad, when they were on a run together. Her dad immediately thought of Emily.

January 2014, Kim made a call to Emily, and the magic began. Emily was at a crossroads herself for work, and ready for a change. April 1st she worked her first day the the Morrice’s — as an owner.

Morrice FloristAlways creative, Emily went to school for interior design, and wanting to tap into this talent more, Morrice Florist proved to be the answer. She had never thought to work with flowers, but always admired the flowers brought by the florist when she would plan weddings. This was a very special opportunity indeed.

Flowers at MorriceThe first three months were spent side by side with Kim, learning the ins and outs of owning a flower shop in a small community. To Emily’s surprise, it was a lot more than working with flowers, and also to her surprise, she had found a way to tap into her creative side, and had fallen in love with her job.

After 75 Years, What’s Different?

Emily was very thoughtful about the changes she made to this Island institution, which has existed for 75 years. People become very attached to things here. Also, she felt as though she was carefully selected to carry on this vital part of the community.

Morrice the FloristWhen you walk into Morrice Florist, there are many things the same, but there are a number of noticeable changes. The walls have been painted, the carpet has been removed, and there’s a presence of Emily’s style throughout.

Seed StartersYou will find things that celebrate flowers and plants, like unique seed starting sets that you would love to buy for yourself or that friends would love to get as gifts.

plate candles at Morrice'How about the most beautifully scented soy candles, Plate candles, whose scent is represented on boxes you can plant. The lavender will give you English lavender to plant and enjoy for years to come. Such a special little something for someone!

Vases at MorriceThere are vases and containers for plants that are pieces of art.

Cards at MorriceThe card selection will keep you looking for hours, a hand-picked selection that will tickle your funny bone, warm your heart, and if needed, bring a tear to your eye. Cards are a big seller here.

SoapsThere are beautiful table linens, great tote bags, little things for the kiddos, teas, soaps and more.

For the kidsOne of Emily’s employees, Elizabeth, creates beautiful prints and shadowboxes with some of the flowers that do not sell or are leftover. These simple, yet stunning pieces are found throughout the shop as well.

Morrice the FloristI had no idea there was such a carefully curated collection of gifts and treats at Morrice Florist. I almost hesitate sharing this, for the want of keeping to for myself, but you need to check it out.

What Traditions Are Staying?

I was so happy to see that Emily kept Tulip Tuesday — one of my favorites for years. From January to the end of April, you can stop by and get a beautiful bouquet of tulips for $10 flat. I love taking the kids and letting them pick out the color for the week. This small little treat keeps my kitchen feeling a little brighter during the weekend.

Tulip TuesdayEmily has also kept a number of the flowers that Kim and her family had stocked daily. However, she has introduced a new vendor. The best thing about this is that each week there is a truck that brings over flowers that she has no idea what they are.

RosesShe gives a budget, and every delivery is like Christmas Morning, offering a chance to learn about new flowers and a little extra inspiration.

$25 bouquetFlowering With Creativity

How does she stay motivated? Emily did not hesitate to answer. The team she works with is just as passionate and creative as she is. Emily has six year round employees, not including herself. Together, the make each other laugh and help create beautiful living art. In this pic, I have Elizabeth, Emily, and Rebecca.

The ladies of Morrice the FloristAlso, everyday Emily is grateful for her business. She celebrates and thrives amongst the beauty and the chance to work with such a beautiful medium. Each flower, arrangement, small gift that leave Morrice’s is a piece of beauty that she has helped put out into the world. Oh, and now she gets to make the beautiful bouquets and flowers for weddings now.

One of emily's bridal bouquetsShe lives in creativity and the flowers themselves are inspiration. “My Heart Flutters with Happiness Everyday Here.”

Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d be a florist, yet she is, basking in the glory and beauty everyday. You just need to have an eye for making beautiful things, and surround yourself with people who share your passion.

The joy is felt when you walk in. It’s light and airy, and a little oasis on State Road. If you go into the back where the work is done, there is great music playing softly, John Mayer, Coldplay, Adele, the ladies are drinking tea, talking and laughing.

Bouquets at MorriceIn turn that joy is represented in the beautiful flower creations that are they made. The colors, the romanticism of the bouquets, each one so different and special – getting flowers from here is a treat. Not your standard FTD bouquets for sure!

Planting the Seed for 2016

Valentine’s Day is NOT Just for Red Roses

When I asked Emily what’s new for Spring, we first ventured into a conversation about Valentine’s Day. She and her team are putting a spin on the classic dozen roses.

Garden rosesRather than just the stark (my word not hers), structured bouquet of red roses, Morrice Florist will be offering more arrangements with Garden Roses. This rose type is much more romantic and soooooo much more fragrant. It has more layers, more depth, like love. They make for more personal flower arrangements, and what woman wouldn’t want flowers that are more delicate and feminine?

I love that they’re doing this. I myself am NOT a fan of the dozen red rose bouquet. Give me something more personal or even a bunch of tulips anytime. Thank you.

Morrice FloristThere will also be an expanded selection of books and chocolates for this holiday that celebrates love. You can get Not Your Sugar Mamas there all year now, but other carefully selected chocolates will be available for your sweetie.

For the Spring, there will be fun, new additions to what you can get at Morrice’s in addition to flowers.

Also, there is a plan to start using the greenhouse portion of the shop for their own plantings. The goal is to plant some of their own flowers to have for bouquets for and purchase year round.

Also, there are plans to grow more flowers in their garden out back. Having their own flowers will help reduce the cost to the consumer. Everyone would benefit from that.

Bouquet for the store At Morrice Florist, know that there is a collection of artists working for you. That each stem has a purpose. That thought and care, and a little love, went into every step of the living art your buy or receive. So savor and enjoy every moment you have it.

Also, that everything you buy in addition to the flowers was selected for a reason, and that most support small businesses and artists that but just as much love into their craft.

With that said, I think Morrice Florist will be a favorite shop for flowers and more for another 75 years.

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