Brunch Is Always A Good Idea, Especially When It’s At Alchemy On Martha’s Vineyard

There is nothing more fun then ending a long week with BRUNCH! When you think of brunch, you think of those foods that blur the lines between breakfast and lunch, and those breakfast items that seem a little more indulgent after standard breakfast hours.

Best Brunches On Martha's Vineyard Alchemy Restaurant Edgartown

To compliment your meal, there are specialty cocktails – some boozy, some not. It feels natural to linger over plates, talk a little longer, laugh a little more. Savoring the magic that brunch can create.

As you can imagine, when I heard that Alchemy was doing brunch on Sundays I was extremely curious, but as a mom with two young kids Brunch is a rare treat. Finally though I put it on the calendar.

Upstairs or Downstairs

For me, Alchemy offers two dining experiences, upstairs where it has more “Cheers” feel to it, intimate and full of familiar faces, and downstairs where everything is just a little more posh. I do love the corner of that downstairs bar when out with friends! I let my mood decide for me.

Since brunch is a little more of long distance meal and not a sprint, and the fact that it was a cold, wet day, my friend and I opted for upstairs, in the newly renovated bar area upstairs. We wanted to be cozy on this Sunday.

The new bar is so much more guest friendly. More spacious, more comfortable and definitely more inviting. Though tempting to sit there, my friend and I had a lot of catching up to do, and I am easily distracted by people, food, and well almost anything. I have to mention that I took this picture while the restaurant was closed – these seats were filled on Sunday.

First Up

Brunch seems to start with a breakfast cocktail or mocktail. Alchemy’s in-house mixologist, Meaghan Hughes has created quite the indulgent list.

Martha's Vineyard Dining Alchemy Edgartown Brunch

From five different kinds of mimosas like blood orange, grapefruit and mango to house cocktails with a nod to the morning crowd like the Spiced + Iced, made with house cold brew, Bailey’s Almande and a coffee cube, which my friend decided tor try. So good and that large square ice cube is LIFE!

Martha's Vineyard dining
Edgartown Alchemy Brunch

I opted for the Phillips Head with Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom vodka, blood orange puree and fresh OJ. This is an incredible cocktail, and the OJ definitely makes it perfect for the morning!

When you brunch, it’s nice to have a little starter because you get a better sample of the menu and you it prolongs your meal. One of the items that people are raving about Famous Sticky Bun.

This ooey gooey pecan caramel sticky bun is definitely meant to be shared. It’s huge! If you like a sweet treat for breakfast, this is a must to try.

Martha's Vineyard dining Edgartown Brunch Alchemy

If you are a Brussel sprout fan, then I highly recommend the Maple & Bacon Brussel Sprouts – these are to die for, sweet, salty green goodies!

Hash It Out

Decisions, decisions…it’s always hard to choose what to have for brunch. Do you go sweet? Try the chef’s Grammy’s PanCrepes with whipped butter, berries and maple syrup? Or do you go savory and get the Prosciutto Omelette or Applewood Bacon BLT?

We opted for savory. My friend Cameron ended ups with BLT. It looked delicious and she said it was one of the best she ever had. The housemate avocado mayo really elevated it.

For me, I had to try the Short Rib & Potato Hash with fontina cheese, peppers and a sunny side egg. I like to try a restaurant’s breakfast hash. If the hash is good, made in house and fresh, then I find most other items on the menu are good.

This has was really good. The meat was really tasty and the potatoes perfectly crisped. I would definitely get this again for brunch. However I think next time I might need to try the housemade Salmon Gravlax. I have heard that it’s the best on the Island.

Brunch Contines

Good news – BRUNCH at Alchemy IS HERE TO STAY! I cannot even imagine what a scene this restaurant will be in the Summer on Sundays for brunch. It is the perfect spot! You’ve got the two inside spaces and you have the patio and the upstairs porch.

Sitting at a corner table outside in the Summer, people watching, planning the rest of the day over a craft cocktail, laughing with friends….the best way to spend your Sunday.

Meet The Chef

Alchemy’s new chef Cole Tremblay has quite the resume. From the Charles River Country Club to the kitchen at Uni in Boston, this self trained chef has a talent for flavor.

Cole’s brunch and dinner menu are quite different from the previous chef. There is a bit of an asian influence in some of the dishes, Prime Beef Dumplings, and some fresh takes a classic dishes like and Ox Tail Ragu.

One of the best things is that Jay (James Kuss), long time fav Alchemy bartender, is the General Manger. Jay has so much experience in restaurant management, he gets the Island and he knows this restaurant.

There is a new vibe here, I have a feeling that this is going to be a great year for Alchemy! The new owner, Todd Dagres, gets that Alchemy will always be Alchemy, but he and his team are working hard and creatively to elevate this Edgartown dining spot. Though many things are the same, the changes that have been made are pretty awesome.

Currently Alchemy is open for Brunch from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., no reservations. Also, they will be offering an Easter Brunch from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Dinner is served four Nights a Week at 5:30 p.m. and closed Wednesdays & Thursdays. Hours will be expanded in the Spring.

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