Bubbly and Martha’s Vineyard Painter, Traeger DiPietro – A Winning Combo

I sometimes think that I don’t do enough things that involve culture.  I don’t visit museums as much anymore.  I don’t visit art galleries as often as I like.  I’m too busy just trying to survive the week trying to add a sprinkle of fun with family and friends here and there.  So imagine how happy I was to know that there is an event tailor made for someone like me, Paint & Champagne with Traeger DiPietro.  If you know me at all, you know I love a little bubbly, and add spending time with Traeger is fun in and of itself. So this night is going to be amazing.

Another fun, cultutally rich event that’s part of the Art*Island Festival.  Spend an evening with Traeger, exploring your inner painter.  This is a night of art-immersion, not be about technique or instruction, but rather an exploration into what you, your inner-self would like to express with a paint brush.  I have always enjoyed Traeger’s work.  To me, he takes something so ordinary and makes it extraordinary.  Seeing the world through his eyes is a lot more interesting than mine.  He has a deep appreciation for the things he sees in his daily like.  Whether it’s a piece of gum or car or a sunset, Traeger gives it soul and personality.

As an artist, Traeger believes “we all start with a blank canvas and the possibilities are endless.  The most important thing to express is that regardless of our knowledge, title, age, or the place in our lives, we can all create”.

With this class, and a little bubbly to shake off the nerves, he believes people will surprise themselves with just how good they are. It’s about feeling what you’re painting, forgetting the rest, having fun.  The artistry and beauty of the work will come naturally.  And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Perhaps you’ll paint something amazing and really surprise yourself.

For me, I would love  to paint something for my daughter, Charly.  I hope that I can find my inner artist who can barely draw stick figures, and find a way to express my for love her on canvas.  I think at this event, we’ll  all be painting for someone whether its ourselves, a family member, someone we’ve loss – it’s such a rewarding way to express one’s self imagine.  I can’t tell you the last time I even picked up a brush or even a pencil to try.  So, I am encouraged by this event.

The evening starts at 7pm at the Harbor View Hotel.  The cost is only $25, which benefits Arts Martha’s Vineyard, and you will leave with your very own Picasso, inspired by your inner painter.  Seriously, this is going to be a fun event.  Hope to see you there, and I really hope that my painting is good enough to share with you.

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