Burger Night At The Brick Cellar — Good Food & Fun Sunday Nights In Edgartown

Atria Restaurant's Sign Brightens up Main Street In Edgartown -- Especially In The WinterPeople always wonder what we do on Martha’s Vineyard during the Winter months.  Well, I can tell you that on Sunday nights, we have burgers!  Since 2007, the Brick Cellar at Atria, on Main Street in Edgartown has been doing two-for-one burgers on Sunday nights, and let me tell you — this is a scene.

Friends At Burger Night Brick Cellar Edgartown Restaurant Martha's VineyardSoon as you hit that bottom step, you know you’re in for some fun.  It’s literally like Cheers — everyone knows your name.  The place is packed (reservations are a good idea, yes on Sundays, off-season), and it’s filled with people you’re happy to see. The space is warm and cozy.  There’s a fire going and the lights are dim, and the place has a good, relaxed vibe.

Rose's First Burger Night At Atria Restaurant Brick Cellar!Once you’re done with all your hellos and ordered a drink (I love the sauvignon blanc they have by the glass), it’s time to get down to burger business.  Yes, the rest of the Brick Cellar menu is available, but let’s be serious, most of us are there for the amazing burgers.  Not just beef burgers, but lamb, shrimp,  turkey or portobello mushroom.  This is the most amazing selection of burgers on the Island, possibly the Cape.  Just look at the menu!

The Fabulous Burger Menu At Atria's Brick CellarWhen I go to Burger Night, I always get the Frenchy. When I went on Sunday night with my friend Rose,  I almost got the Pay Day, but it doesn’t have any cheese.  I like cheese on my burgers.  There’s something about the combo of St. Andre cheese and crispy prosciutto that I find irresistible.

So, I got the Frenchy again, and so did Rose.  As if indulging in one of these juicy creations isn’t enough, we both had to “upgrade”our fries to truffle fries.  Just another weakness of mine. And yes, the truffle fries are first-class.

So, there we were, two friends catching up, enjoying delicious handcrafted burgers,sandwiched into the crowded restaurant.  The Cellar was lively, full of chatter and laughter.  We both agreed that this was the way to spend a Sunday night on Martha’s Vineyard.

Mary's Little Lamb Burger - One Of Many Burger Choices At Brick Cellar EdgartownDo you remember when the burger wasn’t even on the menu?  Only those who were in the “know” asked for it?  Those were the good old days.  The burger officially made it to the menu in 2006, and though it’s no longer a secret, it’s still just as good.  Now, we have the added bonus of a full, creative burger menu — filled with options and different flavors.

Chef/Owner Christian Thornton approaches the burger menu the same way he approaches Atria’s fine dining menu.  The burgers are full of flavor, texture, and visual interest.  Mission accomplished and a success.  Just look at thephoto of Mary’s Little Lamb burger!

Atria's Burger Bar -- Great Place To Meet With Friends Off Season Dining In EdgartownHaven’t done Burger Night yet?  Not to worry, Atria is open all Winter long (no month long hiatius), and Burger Night runs until July.  Yes, this fun, great deal starts in the Fall and runs until the Summer.  No reason not to go several times!

Also, a little known fact — in the Summer, there’s two-forone every night from 10 p.m.  – 12 a.m.  Perhaps this is the best place to grab a little lat- night, after partying grub?  One more interesting thing — the Phantom Gourmet voted Atria The Best: Bar Scene.  Very cool indeed!

Thanks for reading On Point.  Which is your favorite burger at Atria?  I’d love to hear from you. You can learn more about Atria on Facebook. Please don’t forget to  “Like” us on Facebook, on follow us on TwitterLinked InPinterest and YouTube.

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