A New Face in The Art Cliff Diner Kitchen – Martha’s Vineyard.

The Art Cliff Diner Vineyard Haven Restaurant Martha's VineyardFor almost 70 years, the Art Cliff Diner has been cooking up good eats on Martha’s Vineyard.  Sure, some things have changed over the years like last year’s renovation and the addition of a food truck, but one thing has stayed the same, amazing food.

When Gina Stanley bought the Art Cliff Diner 13 years ago, she kept on the path of greatness, being one of the great places to eat on Martha’s Vineyard.  She has helped continue its legacy, and soon there is going to be a new chapter in the life of this great place.

Art Cliff Diner Opening Day 2013 March 1The Art Cliff is Gina’s “baby.”  She has watched it grow and change, and has given all of herself to make it the success that it is.  However, Gina wants to do even more with the diner.  For her, there are so many things she wants to do, from more Facebook updates, to more custom, fun playlists for the iPod for the restaurant and the list goes on.  Also, she wants to have more fun with the diner, and sometimes that’s a challenge when you’re the owner and the chef.

Welcome Chef Teddy Diggs

Chef Teddy Diggs, Summer 2012So, this year, she is teaming up with Chef Teddy Diggs, who used to be the chef of the Homeport and the Beach Plum Inn.  Starting opening day of 2013, March 1st, you’ll see these two in the kitchen cooking up our Art Cliff favs like the Bulls Eye and The Old Faithful.

Don’t worry about the menu changing, things are staying the same.  The decor and the vibe will still be the same.  It will be the Art Cliff you know and love.  The best change is that with Teddy on board, Gina will have the flexibility to do a lot of other things for the diner.

Imagine, Gina has never before written down the recipes of her signature Art Cliff dishes.  Now, she has someone she is sharing these with.  A tough thing I imagine, but I think everyone is going to benefit.

A partnership in the the kitchen?  Would that work with two great chefs with strong personalities.  Well, all signs point to yes. Gina and Teddy have a lot of similarities. Both were chefs in amazing, fine-dining restaurants in D.C., where you’d work 120 hours a week, no questions asked.  Both have a passion for good food and Pig Out At Art Cliff Diner Vineyard Haven Restauranthigh standards, local ingredients, and both love the Vineyard.  Also, both of them want this to work.

After 13 years, Gina is ready for this, and Teddy wants to make the Vineyard his home with his family for years to come.  They’re ready to work together to bring the Art Cliff to a new level, and make the Art Cliff experience even more amazing. Is that even possible?  I can’t stop thinking about its food as I write this.  What I wouldn’t give for a Pig Out (minus the red onion) for lunch today!

The Art Cliff Food Truck

Art Cliff Food Truck At Pik Nik in Oak Bluffs Arts DistrictWhat kind of things does Gina want to do?  Well, if you know her, she always has something up her sleeve. With Teddy in the kitchen, and also helping with staffing and ordering food, Gina definitely wants to have a little more fun with the Art Cliff food truck.  That sounds good to me – I love that thing.

When it’s out, you have to stop.  When it’s at an event, you know you’re going to have a better time because of that yummy food.  For example, the picture above is from an Art Stroll in the Arts District. The Art Cliff Truck was at Pik Nik, and obviously it was pretty popular.

Did you know that last year the truck was at the West Chop Club on Tuesday evenings and was open to the public?  I had no idea!  I would have loved to have gone over, grabbed a bite and hung out there.  Maybe walk down to bench overlooking the water.  How much fun?  I am definitely in for this year.  I just need to find out the day.  These are the kind of fun things Gina can do with the truck this year.  I can’t wait to see where it might pop up.

The Art Cliff Turns 70

An Original Menu Art Cliff Diner Vineyard HavenAlso, this is a big year for the diner —  its 70th year.  Because of this, Gina is happy she’ll have the time to plan a big, fun, food-filled party to celebrate this milestone in late Spring.  She’s really excited about this party.  After all, the Art Cliff is her baby, and it deserves a big party!

Though still working on the details, I can tell you this — Cliff”s wife Pat is involved.  Yes that’s Cliff of Art & Cliff.  What a great way to honor the founders and celebrate the Art Cliff’s history and the next 70 years!

Keep an eye out for the new carpet in March At Art Cliff Diner Martha's Vineyard RestaurantSo, mark your calenders for March 1st, when the Art Cliff will open its doors for the season.  Stop by and meet Teddy and say hi to Gina and the rest of the gang.

Get ready for a new, yet the same, Art Cliff. One thing that might really make you smile — is I think you’ll see the open sign a lot more this year, and I know that makes me happy too.  Congratulations to Gina &  Teddy – I’m looking forward to a great year and great food from the Art Cliff.  Perhaps you’ll even consider bringing back dinner in the off-season again?

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