Celebrating Spring With the Joyful Work Of Libby Ellis Design On Martha’s Vineyard

Spring has finally sprung. Well at least according to the calendar (in one day) because the weather sure doesn’t tell you that. So in celebration of this season of color and joy, I wanted to introduce you to someone who injects a lot of life and color into the world through her work and creations, Libby Ellis.

Martha's Vineyard Artist Libby EllisIf you know Libby, then you know she is the queen of color and creating things to evoke happiness. If you don’t know her, you’re in for a treat.

When trolling the Vineyard Artisians Festival last year, I came across the most delightful tea towels, pillows, prints and more. With these colorful, whimsical items was a lovely woman, full of ……….I have to say, sparkle, Libby Ellis.

Designer Libby Ellis Martha's Vineyard

Her work is so light and bright. Things are designed to bring a smile to your face. She has these art prints that are so different, some of which are so full of inspiration. You cannot help but feel a little more happy when you look at them.

Custom Pillow From Martha's Vineyard Artist Designer Libby Ellis

Here custom pillows are a way to celebrate a special occasion or add as a personalized detail to a room.

Libby Ellis Design tea towelLibby Ellis Designs tea towels are not just a touch of panache for your kitchen, but are so wonderful, people have been known to frame them and hang them on their walls. There’s something so engaging about her work.

Veggie loveAlso, she has such a fresh perspective on things. For example, her work with vegetables. She does love veggies and has a lot of fun creating with them.

She even created a Very Veggie Christmas which is based on the 12 Days of Christmas but with veggies. Anyhow, her love of veggies makes you love them a little more too, she makes them cute and fun!

Very Veggie ChristmasOr how about her interpretation of light from the Gay Head lighthouse? For a while, Libby saw the lighthouse outside her bedroom window, and that translated into a really fresh, whimsical printed fabric.

Once you know that’s the story behind the fabric, you can see it in the fabric, the light spreading across the sky.

Gay Head Lighthouse Design By Artist Libby Ellis Martha's Vineyard

Creating Designs

Libby is inspired by nature and the things around her. Luckily, she lives her on Martha’s Vineyard, so there is no shortage of beauty her. But what’s most interesting about her work is the fact that she thinks and creates with her hands.

She does not paint or draw but rather cuts. Her art is created with cut paper. Scissors and paper are her medium. She then transfers these creation to other mediums.

Libby Ellis Design Martha's Vineyard

How amazing what this talented woman does with paper and scissors. I can barely make a paper snowflake and she creates adorable animals and vegetables and more.

The effort and thought that goes into the hand cut designs, simply amazing. Knowing this makes me like her work even more.

Libby Ellis DesignBecoming An Artist

Libby has worked in some serious advertising agencies as a creative director before creating her own company. With those agencies, she worked with big brands like Target, Baby Gap, and Land of Nod, just to name a few.

She was very successful, but found that what she was doing was not in line with her values. She was overseeing 30 copy-writers and creative people. She thought wait a minute, I can do what they are doing. So she left her salaried position and decided to freelance.

Sullivan + Associates Logo Design By Libby EllisIn addition to the art she creates, Libby also does design and advertising for clients, a number of which are on Martha’s Vineyard. She helps with logos, branding, products and more, and really sets her clients apart from others.

A Libby Ellis Design clientA couple of her clients with local ties that you might recognize are: Donaroma’s Nursery & Landscape Services, sullivan + associates architects, and WCAI | WGBH.

To add to this, how about some more nationally recognized companies like Whole Foods, Disney, One Kings Lane. These are just a couple of the major companies she works with.

Calling Martha’s Vineyard Home

I knew that once I met Libby, that there would be an interesting story about how she came to Martha’s Vineyard, and she did not disappoint.

While in graduate school at UC Berkley, she decided she had enough and needed to get out of there. It just so happened there was a map in the room she was studying in.

She stood up, turned around, closed her eyes and picked a spot to go to. And you guessed it, it was Martha’s Vineyard.

Libby Ellis Designs Martha's Vineyard

What a decision to make and how incredible that fate landed her on this small little island.

As you can imagine, her parents were less than thrilled. Libby comes from an academic family, but she knew what she needed. She came here, worked for Donaroma’s Nursery digging holes and also helped the Tisbury Printer with customers’ advertising.

However, she ended up heading back to California and then to New York for job opportunities, but she wanted to be on the Vineyard. Here she feels its worth it to invest in this community.

It’s a place that gets better and better. A place that can inspire you and provide endless access to beauty. It’s here she calls home.

Libby Ellis If you see a Libby Ellis Design piece of art, know it was made with love and joy. Know that Libby is honored to have her creations in your home.

Also, knowing that they’re designed on Martha’s Vineyard makes them a little more fabulous!

Libby Ellis Tea Towel

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