Celebrating The Outdoors On Martha’s Vineyard During The Winter Months – Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary

A sneak peek At Cedar Tree Sanctuary Water View Martha's Vineyard Winter Exploration

For New Year’s I wrote an On Point blog reflecting on some of the fun of 2014. I also mentioned that it was time to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard.

I mean more than just going to the beach and taking in the view as I drive by.

So, I had my first outing celebrating the outdoors this year, trying to keep with this new commitment. I picked Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary. After all, I can’t always be eating and drinking, right?

On a gorgeous 40 degree Monday, Martin Luther King Day as a matter of fact, I packed up the kiddos, enlisted some friends for the trip and off we went.

Look for this sign Cedar Tree Sanctuary Sheriff's Meadow Martha's Vineyard

Heading Up-Island is always an adventure to me. It’s like uncharted territory. Luckily, my friend Angie had been to Cedar Tree Neck before, so all I had to do was follow her.

Actually, it’s pretty easy to find. Just take Indian Hill Road in West Tisbury (behind Up-Island Cronigs) and look for the sanctuary sign.

We travelled down a long windy road, peppered with houses that you know are fabulous and have the most spectacular view of the Vineyard Sound.

Choose your trail At Cedar Tree Neck West Tisbury Martha's Vineyard Winter Walk

At the entrance, there was a great little pavilion with a map and more, even a porta potty if absolutely necessary.

There are various trails, so you can be a novice or it can be a little more intense if you want. The Sanctuary is 391.4 acres, so there’s lots to see.

Red Trail At Cedar Neck Martha's Vineyard Winter Walk

Since I fall under the novice classification and because we had a toddler in tow, we opted for the red trail. There are different colored markings to help you keep on your chosen path. Easy to follow.Cedar Tree Neck Sheriff's Meadow Martha's Vineyard

The path through the woods is simply beautiful, even in the cold winter months. The trees, the streams, all the birds, it was all so wonderful to take in.

Cedar Tree Neck Beach Martha's Vineyard

Once you reached the path to the beach, you can’t help but feel grateful for being there at that moment. There’s a bit of anticipation to get down to the beach.

The Vineyard Sound is just breathtaking even on the greyest of days. The sound of the rocks moving back and forth with the waves is a sound to savor. The beach is rocky but still easy to navigate.

Almost to the beach At Cedar Neck Martha's Vineyard Beach Park

If you head to the left of the path and walk down just a little ways, there’s a really cool little structure made out of old lobster traps. Visitors have left various trinkets on the structure to add to the interest of it.

Of course the kiddos thought it was the most amazing beach castle. Saving each other from whatever perils came to the mind of two and four year olds. What a joy to watch, little imaginations taking flight and living the magic of the moment.

lobster trap house Cedar Neck Sanctuary Martha's Vineyard Beach

I thought to myself, wow, we live here. How have I not been to this gorgeous spot? What other amazing places am I going to experience this year with this commitment to becoming acquainted with this little island? It’s kind of exciting.

Cedar Tree Neck Martha's Vineyard Sheriff's Meadow Conservation LandAs we walked back to the trailhead, we talked about coming back soon. We all agreed the Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary is a special place to enjoy as often as possible.

Hiking is great for all ages Cedar Tree Neck Martha's Vineyard

It’s important for people to take time from the daily grind and experience places like this. I felt a little renewed after this excursion, and thought how great this place is during the Winter months.

Hmmmm? Where will I go next?

Sheriff's Meadow Property Map Martha's Vineyard Walks Hikes

Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary is one of the Sheriff’s Meadow properties. This is the first one of the organization’s property’s I’ve been to, only 17 more to go.

Sheriff's Meadow FoundationThe mission of Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is to conserve the natural, beautiful, rural landscape and character of Martha’s Vineyard for present and future generations.

Thanks for reading the On Point Blog. You can learn more about the Sheriff”s Meadow Foundation on Facebook. And speaking of social media, don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.




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