Rockfish Restaurant In Edgartown – Warming Up The Winter Months on Martha’s Vineyard

Rockfish Restaurant Edgartown Off Season Dining On Martha's Vineyard

Typically January is a bore when living on Martha’s Vineyard year-round, but not this year! With events, wine school, and fun new restaurants, this Winter is moving right along.

Martha's Vineyard Restaurants Rockfish Edgartown

If you haven’t been to Rockfish yet, make a plan to. It’s definitely the hottest spot on the weekends in Edgartown. It’s usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights.

With one bar downstairs and one upstairs, there’s plenty of space to have a drink, and each floor has a different feel, downstairs more causal, upstairs a little more, I don’t know, maybe I’d say cool, a little more modern in feel.

downstairs bar At Rockfish Restaurant Edgartown

I am yet to spend time downstairs. I seem to have an affection for the upstairs bar. The space has a great feel to it.

I like the high, exposed wood ceilings, the large windows, the lighting fixtures and of course the awesome brick oven that just makes the upstairs glow! Also I have to say that I like how the bar has its own space, sort of separated from the dining area.

upstairs bar Rockfish Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

We went to Rockfish on a Friday night, relatively early because we decided to bring the kiddos too. It was super busy already and full of familiar faces, which is one of the best things about dining off-season.

Dining At Rockfish

Cozy in the banquette seating, we began our exploration of Rockfish’s menu. There are flatbreads, small plates and large plates. For the kids, edamame and a cheese wood-fired flatbread.

There’s not a kid menu per say, but you can make it work which is great for us because we love going out to eat.

Beers & Sippy Cups at Rockfish Edgartown Restaurants

For us adults, it was beer and small plates to start. The menu was simple and easy to navigate. I had the Deviled Eggs which are strangely a personal favorite. The eggs were cut into square shapes which was kind of fun, and they were tasty too.

Then it was on to the Shrimp and Grits which was so yummy. Pieces of bacon throughout the grits was a bonus. The only thing is, it was a small portion for $14.00 but so tasty. I didn’t do a good job sharing this small plate.

Deviled eggs At Rockfish Restaurant Edgartown

I think next time I’m trying the Fried Artichokes and the Shrimp Fritters. It was hard to choose what to get, such delicious options, and with the small plates, it’s easy to try as many as you like!

Shrimp and grits At Rockfish Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

One thing you should know when dining at Rockfish is that the food is served as it comes, hot and fresh. Wood-fired flatbreads may take a bit longer at times, but it all works out.

Just a heads up, speaking of heads up, it’s fun to watch the guys cooking behind the the glass, making the flatbreads and more in the brick oven.

Martha's Vineyard Dining - Rockfish Restaurant Skirt Steak

My husband had the Grilled Skirt Steak with Asparagus & Chimichurri Sauce  from the large plate menu. It was well seasoned and yummy. He would definitely get it again.

flatbread pizza at Rockfish

I had the Baby Clam, Chorizo, Parsely and Parm flatbread. I thought it was a fun creation. I liked the mix of flavors and that it was something different.

I really liked the flatbread itself, not too heavy, just right. Also, my kiddos enjoyed the flatbread pizza too, so as far as I am concerned, it’s a win all the way around.


Cheese wood fired flatbread Rockfish Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Dining Off Season

The menu is a work in progress Since opening in November, there have been some changes to it, and most likely there will be more. I like a little surprise, and am always up for something new.

The latests additions are a Charcuterie & Cheese Board, a Roasted Red Onion, Arugula, Feta & Walnut Salad, and on the large plate menu, Braised Beef, Brown Butter Mash, Caramelized Cipollini Onions and Au Jus – now that sounds like a great Winter meal.

Brick oven Flat Breads At Rockfish EdgartownThe menu concept makes it easy to add to and have fun with it. Keep an eye out for specials that might happen in the next few weeks, like pasta nights with wine pairings. Hey, it’s Winter, let’s have a little fun and keep things fresh.

Chris at Rockfish

Our service was wonderful. Chris never let us want for anything and he was quite charming with my little ones too. Though it was nice having them with us, I also like Rockfish when it’s just us adults too.

I love the upstairs bar, and will say it’s my new favorite spot to have cocktails.

Enjoying Refreshments at Rockfish

If you ask Ani, one of the fabulous bartenders, what her favorite cocktail on the menu is, she’ll tell you it’s the Bubbly Pear Martini.

It’s made with Grey Goose Pear Vodka,with St. Germain, lemon squeeze and simple syrup finished with Prosecco. Too bad I was having beer the last time I was there.

Ani and Ben, bartending at Rockfish

There are also some new seasonal additions to the list for the Winter months like the Winter Margarita, which has Sotol Reposado, agave simple syrup, and splash of white grapefruit with fresh lime (their take on a skinny margarita).

Skinny and margarita – two words I like seeing together. The cocktail selection is good and another reason to come back again.

If you’re a beer fan, then you might be interested in the Anchor Winter Wheat on draft and a the Maine Beer Co. “MO” Pale Ale, in bottle which is a rare beer, hard to find.

As I had mentioned the place was pretty busy, and it was fun to be a part of that energy on a night when it was 18 degrees outside.

There was a lot of laughter and people were definitely having a good time. The Coogan family has really created a space that is welcoming for dining and having a drink with friends. Well done!

Busy at Rockfish

It’s amazing what the right concept can do for a space. Warm interior, yummy food, good service and you can have a winning restaurant. Rockfish is a hit! Can’t imagine how packed it’s going to be this Summer!

For now, Rockfish is open Wednesday through Saturday, doors open at 5:30pm and the bars are open until last call at 12:30.

Dining with kiddos @ Rockfish

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