Chilmark Chocolates: Only One Holiday Shopping Day Left

Chilmark Chocolates Well Known Sign Along State Road In Chilmark Martha's VineyardCalling all chocoholics. Only one day left to get your holiday treats at Chilmark Chocolates. The premiere chocolatier on Martha’s Vineyard closes for the season on Sunday 18th. And the small Chilmark storefront was already crowded with holiday shoppers by Friday.

Vineyard Holiday Shoppers At Chilmark ChocolatesThey don’t do mail order. They don’t have a website. But Chilmark Chocolates does have a fanatic following of chocolate lovers, who don’t mind the scenic drive up State Road to Chilmark (Google maps if you don’t know the way). They are open 11:30 am to 5:30 pm through Sunday 18th. Then it’s winter break until February 2nd.

Chilmark Chocolate Favorites: Chappy Chewy, Tashmoo Truffles, SquibnuggetsAnd if you’ve never made the chocolate pilgrimage, part of the fun, is the playful, Vineyard-inspired names that they’ve given their chocolate creations — Chappy Chewies, Squibnuggets, Beetlebung Bars, Tashmoo Truffles, and Moshup’s Macs, to name a few.

Chilmark Chocolates Best Chocolatier On  Martha's VineyardAround the Point B office, Squibnuggets, Chappy Chewies, and the new Sunset (dark chocolate with crystalized ginger and orange) are favorites. What’s your favorite Chilmark Chocolate? Ping us back. Meantime, shop quickly!


2 thoughts on “Chilmark Chocolates: Only One Holiday Shopping Day Left”

  1. My daughter is Vicki Barnitt – do you know her?

    I would really like to buy some of your chocolate, but it would have to be mailed. Would you consider doing that for me?


  2. Hi Loretta,
    Thank you for reading On Point. I don’t believe I know your daughter, but I am sure she’s lovely. You’d have to contact Chilmark Chocolates about any orders.

    Good luck!


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