Why The Teddy Bear Suite Is So Important

When I first heard that Point B Owner/Broker Wendy Harman and her husband Win Baker wanted to create The Teddy Bear Suite to benefit the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club, I could not have been happier.  What a great fit – kids, teddy bears, Christmas, and community.  So, we met with Peter Lambos, the executive director of the Club. He was thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this magical holiday event, and the adventure began.

Edgartown’s Popular Holiday Windows

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Our first endeavor together to help spread the word of The Teddy Bear Suite was with the holiday window paintings in the storefronts of Edgartown business.  We loved the teddy bear in the Scoops window right on Main Street, and all the signs in the windows with our teddy bear friends helping to give more info about the event.

There is something so heart-warming about those pictures done by the kids.  Each one is special in its own way.  We are also particularly fond of the teddy bear from the Club that is hanging in the window of the Point B Realty office.  A special thanks to Ruby for making that for us!

So many kids worked on the paintings which make Edgartown that much more festive for the holidays.  It’s a fun project for them to participate in at the Club, but I think it means so much more for Edgartown. Here are all the kids who contributed to the holiday artwork:

Michaela Benefit, Amber Cuthbert, Kathryn Cuthbert, Kelly Cleary  Maria Menezes, Ruby Mercier, Jonathan Chivers, Samantha Markerova, Aaliyah Burney, Mercedes Burney, Desiree London, Ashley Brasefield, Hayleigh LeCoq, Rhanna DeOliveria, Deborah Silva, Caroline Eide, Josie Chivers, Morgan Scanlan, Savannah Bradshaw, Morgan Lopez Mata, Bianca Ribeiro, Taylor Fauteux, Keissila Cecilio, Ruby Suman, Nevaeh Browne   – Great job everyone!

More Fun With The Boys & Girls Club

Christmas In Edgartown: The Teddy Bear Suite Heads Out To The Holiday Parade

Working with kids and teddy bears meant that we had to have a float in the Edgartown Christmas Parade to help spread the word about The Teddy Bear Suite.  Pete was able to get a number of volunteers, staff and kids from the Club, and we were ready for The Teddy Bear Suite’s first time in the Edgartown Christmas parade.

Though the Saturday morning began grey and rainy, the kids still came to help with the float. They were so excited to be a part of the fun.  Edgar, the six-foot teddy bear from the suite, joined us, we had gummy bears to pass out on the parade route (of course), kids and adults too gathered their teddy bears, and we had our Teddy Bear Mascot, Chris ready to entertain the crowds. We hopped into the Point B Woody, and off we went.  I have been in parades before, but nothing is more fun than being with kids during the holidays.  There were many stories shared, lots of laughter and silliness, and the spirit of Christmas was everywhere!  You can’t help but fall in love with these special kids!

Why It’s So Important To Support The Teddy Bear Suite

MV Boys & Girls Club After School Program

As many people know, it can be very difficult for families to find an afterschool program for their children.  Especially one that is affordable, safe, fun, and educational.  Prior to working on this event,  I was not aware of what the Boys & Girls Club did. I was pleasantly surprised by all that their After School Program has to offer, and  for only $20 a year per child!!!  No wonder there are over 400 families signed up!

Kids have a place to play sports, video games, foozball, and they have the Power Hour, an hour of home work with the assistance of a tutor.  When we learned about the Power Hour, we immediately felt the need to help raise money for this portion of the program.  The Power Hour is expensive, between supplies and paying for a tutor, it really adds up.

The $20 membership fee to be in the After School Program does not even begin to help pay for it.  However, if we focused donations from The Teddy Bear Suite on this portion of the program, we could make a big impact!  We set a goal of $2,500 and surpassed it!  We’re now hoping to raise $3,000 with the extended hours of The Teddy Bear Suite.  So, whether you visit the suite in person or donate online every dollar really makes a difference for the Power Hour.

Edgar The Teddy Bear Is A Hit At Martha's Vineyard Holiday EventExtended Teddy Bear Suite Hours

Friday, December 16, noon – 8 pm
Saturday, December 17, noon – 8 pm
Sunday, December 18, 10 am – 1 pm

Share the link. Hope to see you there!

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