Create & Cocktails Martha’s Vineyard – A Traveling Art Studio

Create & Cocktails Martha's Vineyard - Artist Jasmine Fanning's Boat Paining

Starting May 13th, you’ll be able to tap into your inner artist weekly on Martha’s Vineyard. Jazen’s Art Studio is going to be offering Create & Cocktails all year long.

Art Night Out On Martha’s Vineyard

Jazen's Art Studio

Jazen’s is a traveling art studio featuring Create & Cocktails MV.  These art instruction classes will be at various places on the Island. Each class will enable you to paint a picture of Martha’s Vineyard landscape or iconic image.

Artist Jasmine Fanning Create & Cocktail MV Founder

The owner/artist extraordinaire, Jasmine Thompson is going to guide you through the process of creating your own masterpiece, a sort of sophisticated “paint by numbers,” all while enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail and a bite to eat, if you choose.

In the past, there have been one or two classes offered like this, but how exciting to be able to do it weekly. It’s such a fun activity, and for me a great girl’s night out.

I can’t paint a good stick person, but with Jasmine I can actually create something nice. It’s a fun, lighthearted experience, sprinkled with a little culture.

Create & Cocktails’ first public class is Tuesday night, May 13th, at Park Corner Bistro. You can get tickets on Jazen’s website, and possibly if there’s space available that night (though I think it will be sold out).

Create & Cocktails Private Class

Tickets are $45 per person, and that includes your canvas, paint, etc, and of course instruction from a licensed instructor (Jasmine). For most classes, drinks are not included, but it depends on the location. Classes are about two and a half hours long, and at the end, you’ll have your very own Martha’s Vineyard inspired masterpiece.

After the first class, you’ll be able to attend a Create & Cocktails at the Dive Bar every Tuesday, starting May 27th, at either at 12:00 – 2:30 p.m. or from 3:30 – 6:00 p.m. These are great times. Imagine this for a rainy day activity or for something a little fun before dinner!

Create & Cocktails Heads To Dockside Inn - Oak Bluffs

On Saturdays, you’ll be able to get creative with Create & Cocktails at the Dockside Inn, starting May 24th, from 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. in the courtyard or lobby. A great after beach, pre-dinner time. There, the $45 includes beer & wine, and some munchies.

The Dockside and the Dive Bar are the first of many places that will eventually host Create & Cocktails. It’s about time that this is finally offered on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s really popular off-island, and is definitely a fun time.

About the Artist 

Jasmine started coming to Martha’s Vineyard for the Summer 10 years ago, and it was her very first Summer when she met her now husband, Nate Thompson. Nate is the manager/ice cream maker of Mad Martha’s in Oak Bluffs, and has been working there for years and years.

Two years ago, Jasmine graduated from college, with her Bachelor’s in Fine Art from Mass Art, and moved here year round.

Jasmine & Nate Fannin

Last year, she and Nate married here on the Vineyard, and it’s official, they’re hooked. There is no place else they want to be, and now with Create & Cocktails, life just got a little more fun for Jasmine.

Why do something like Create & Cocktails instead of teaching? Well, for over 15 years Jasmine has been in the service industry (she works at Offshore Ale and has for years). She loves people, and interacting with them, and she loves art. This seems like a natural fit, and she is excited to be in business for herself.

Calling such a beautiful place home, she is constantly inspired artistically. Whenever she has downtime, she is painting Vineyard scenes. Even after all these years, she is in awe of the beauty she finds here.

AnicaBanica Photography & Jasmine Fanning

The pictures she will use for Create & Cocktails are based on photos by Angelina Godbout from AnicaBanica Photography. Ani and Jasmine are good friends and tend to inspire each other, and hope to inspire you too.

If none of the currently scheduled events work for you, not to worry. You can host your own Create & Cocktails. How fun. Pick the painting to do, invite your friends, have your favorite drinks, etc., sounds like a lot of fun. This could be something fun for kids too — minus the cocktail part.

In addition to her love of Martha’s Vineyard and her traveling art bar, Jasmine also does freelance and custom artwork.

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  1. Great info on JaZen’s and the Artist Jasmine!
    What a fun thing to have available to islanders and visitors alike! Bound to be a Big Hit!

  2. Do you have any plans to return to Martha’s Vineyard in 2015? I am planning a Bachelorette party for May 15-17 and would be interested.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for reading On Point. Congrats on your future wedding! If you check out Jazen’s website or Facebook, you can see. I am certain the owner Jasmine would love to work with you.


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