Creating Bliss and Making History – Martha’s Vineyard Museum – New Events, Logo and More

Not sure if you’ve noticed, kind of hard no to since there is a lot in the local media about it these days, but the Martha’s Vineyard Museum is changing – a new logo (a different color to represent each town), a new Capital Campaign message, and even new events.

The new Martha's Vineyard Museum Logo and Mission

The Museum is working on creating not only a larger, more modern home, but is working to create a cultural center with the message: Discover Explore Connect. The Museum is on the path to so much more than a museum. It will still house the history of the Island, but it will also play a role in the future too.

Rendering of the New Martha's Vineyard Museum Vineyard Haven

Last week, the Museum hosted Find Your Bliss. The name of the event cleverly representing its location, the Elmer Bliss farm at the Captain Flanders Inn in Chilmark.

BlissEviteWhat makes this event? Well, the event was whimsical. Music by the Sultans of Swing, food by the Art Cliff food truck, the Chilmark Coffee mobile coffee cart, smores and more, all while taking in the breath taking view of the property.

Captain Flanders Inn Host Of Martha's Vineyard Museum Fundraising Bliss

Bliss was just one of a number events that is outside of the box for the Museum. With so much happening, the Museum is coming up with ways to get the next generation of supporters on board.

Finding Bliss

Because of the menu and the allure of the food truck, it was easy to get a date. My friend Jen O’Hanlon (from Point B) joined me. She had not yet been to the Captain Flanders Inn, and of course, is interested the Martha’s Vineyard Museum.

Jen O'Hanlon & Guinevere Cramer Find Bliss At Martha's Vineyard Museum FundraiserThe location did not disappoint. The pastoral beauty of open land in Chilmark takes your breath away. The slight breeze, the smell of the outdoors on a warm summer night – it’s all so captivating.

Bliss guests

The crowd was full of people from all over the Island. Some Summer residents, some year round. It was nice to see such a diverse group. I recognized a number of Islanders who are very much involved with the non-profit community and who are interested in having an impact on the Island’s future.

Sultans of Swing Entertain At Martha's Vineyard Museum Bliss Fundraiser

People danced the night away under the stars. The Sultans can really jam it out. I even got on the dance floor when Alicia Key’s New York began, and I never dance. That’s a sign of a good time.

Chilmark CoffeeCart Truck At Martha's Vineyard Museum Fundraiser

Cocktails, Chilmark coffee, and food truck fare kept things light and causal. I do love anything that Gina’s Art Cliff food truck creates, especially the fries!!Art Cliff Food Truck At MV Museum Fundraiser

Coming Up

Missed Bliss? Well, it turns out the Museum is hosting events all Summer long. Including “A Taste for the Exotic” at the Marine Hospital Wednesday, July 20 at 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. This is just one of the open house/events of the summer at the new space.

You can tour a number of rooms in the historic 1895 building (it’s fascinating), learn about the renovation plans, and meet the new Executive Director Phil Wallis, who is quite fun. There is also a pop-up exhibit on the lawn celebrating A Taste for the Exotic: Mementos from Around the Globe. Luckily the weather will be good! There will also be light fare and of course kids’ activities.

Discover Explore Connect Martha's Vineyard Museum

Before I mention another event, I want to highlight one of the exhibits currently open at the Edgartown campus, REMAKE.

The Museum has an extensive collection of a variety of textiles that date from the 18th – 20th centuries. Among the hundreds of objects are wedding dresses, kimonos, uniforms, linens, hats, and embroidered accessories of all kinds. This collaborative exhibit invites local clothing designers to create a new garment inspired by something from the museum’s textile collections. The new garment will be displayed with the original, along with video clips of the designers and their process. Remake

Having recently found out about this exhibit, it is now on my summer bucket list. Luckily I still have some time. The exhibit is open until august 13th.


Tying into the world of fashion, something to look forward to, MV Fashion Week will be back for an event at the Marine Hospital on the evening of September 15th. The theme will be 1920’s, 1930’s garden party and will feature a number of Island fashion designers and artists. More details to come.

This is just a couple events the Museum is hosting this summer. Visit their website or click here, for a complete listing. I will say, the the calendar offers a divers collection of events. It’s an exciting time for the Museum – creating and celebrating the history and future of Martha’s Vineyard.

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