Cronig’s Opens Up Discount To Islanders On Martha’s Vineyard

I have to admit it – I do not have an Island Club Card, which offered a 20% – 30% discount at Cronig’s Market, and yes not having that discount did sometimes deter me from shopping at Cronig’s because the costs of some products versus other Island grocery stores.

Cronig's MarketHowever, that is no longer the case. As of December 31st, Cronig’s Market removed itself from the Island Club Card and is now offering its own discount program. Made for Islanders, there are no photos, no cards, and no annual fee.

Cronig's MartketAccording to the form, the only way you’re not eligible for the discount is if you are a trust fund baby or own a second home. I imagine there are some exceptions to the rule, but you’d have to stop by the Cronig’s customer service desk.

Cronig's MarketThe application was was super easy to fill out. I think it took me all of three minutes to do it. My phone number is my discount code. I got 20% off my purchase that very day just by signing up. I am sure there are mixed feelings about this new chapter for Cronig’s, as with any change on Martha’s Vineyard. However, I like that Cronig’s now has a program that is all inclusive, and I am certain many people on the Island will enjoy this opportunity as well.

Cronig's MarketThere are some great bonuses about shopping at Cronig’s Market. The salad bar is AMAZING for lunch. The produce department is good. You can get some great local items, like books (I had no idea one of my fav yoga instructors, Sian Williams wrote a book), lotions, potions, food items, a lot of specialty items like my favorite seaweed rice cakes.

Cronig's MarketAlso, let’s not forget that Cronig’s is more sensitive to our environment than many other grocery stores, and there definitely is a “local” vibe in the stores.

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4 thoughts on “Cronig’s Opens Up Discount To Islanders On Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Very disappointed to find out that my recent discount is only 1%. Why even bother for 1%?!?! I asked the checkout person if that was a mistake and she said no. According to her the discount is normally between 1 and 20% with no explanation why or who get what level. I live on the island and am over 60 and only qualify for 1%. In my opinion Stop & Shop and Reliable Market try harder at customer service and savings opportunities.

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