Even Sweeter….Sweet E’s Cupcakes Expands In Vineyard Haven


Sweet E's Cupcakes Moves In Vineyard Haven Expands To Candy, Ice Cream & Yogurt Marthas Vineyard RestaurantsThere is something about a cupcake.  Such a simple, small pastry can bring so much happiness to your life, a smile to your face and pleasure to your taste buds.  OK, perhaps I enjoy a cupcake more than your average person.

Marthas Vineyard Food Cupcakes Vineyard Haven Sweet E's Cupcakes FacebookIn 2009, Ezra Sherman opened Sweet E’s cupcakes on Main Street in Vineyard Haven.  Every cupcake made at Sweet E’s is a vision of yummy beauty.  The storefront windows featured the cupcake of the day and others, making it almost impossible to walk by without stopping in.

When you venture inside of Sweet E’s, be prepared with a little willpower.  Each cupcake has its own allure, and of course you can get a delicious beverage to accompany it.  Also, for those of us who want more than one or are looking to bring the perfect hostess gift, choose your favorites, and they are packaged ever so sweetly to go.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to hear that Sweet E’s was expanding, moving it’s location Sweet E's Cupcakes Vineyard Haven Best Desserts On Marthas Vineyardaround the corner to a much larger space.  Still on Main Street, Vineyard Haven, Sweet E’s will be next to Bob’s Pizza.  Interestingly, there was a candy, ice cream shop there previously, but it was not one of my favorite places, nothing special about it.

However, with Sweet E’s there, that will not be the case.  Sweet E’s is still going serve its amazing cupcakes like the Key Lime Coconut and the Peanut Butter Nutella, but it will also sell delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt (which you can eat with a cupcake guilt free, wishful thinking), and assorted candies.  Thoughts of gourmet chocolates and Swedish fish dance in my head.

Restaurant Changes In Vineyard Haven Changing Face Of Martha's Vineyard ResutaurantsIf I’ve put you in the mood for one of those delicious masterpieces, you don’t have to wait long.  Sweet E’s is slated to open May 15th.  With the sign in the window of the new location and some of the cases from its old location, you can tell that work is underway to transform the space.

Sweet E’s will feel like a vintage New England candy shop.  With much of the work being done by Ezra, who is a very hands-on owner, I can only imagine how wonderful it will be.  Ezra has an eye for beautiful things, and I think that over the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking some sneak peaks to check out the changes.  I also have to mention that not only is Ezra the man behind the magic of Sweet E’s, but he is also an agent at Point B Realty.  Truly a man of many talents and a joy to work with.

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There are a lot of other things happening in Vineyard Haven.  If you want to find out about more great additions coming to Main Street, check out my blog, Main Street in Vineyard Haven Gets Ready for a Facelift.

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5 thoughts on “Even Sweeter….Sweet E’s Cupcakes Expands In Vineyard Haven”

  1. yet another reason to look forward to our annual Vineyard trip – and even more reason to keep to the pre vacation diet so the peanut butter nutella cupcake isn’t too damaging!!!

  2. Oh Dear! Think we’re gonna need a bigger car!

    Cape Air be warned – the payload leaving the Vineyard at end of June will probably be heavier than that arriving at beginning of June!!!

    Best wishes to Sweet E’s for 2012. I’ll do my best!

    1. Richard – those cupcakes are addictive, but all those nice weather activities will help counteract them! See you soon!


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