Desserts For Miles, Dancing & Smiles – The 20th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Barn Raisers’ Ball

The Barn Raisers' Ball At The Martha's Vineyard Ag HallTwenty years later, and the Island is still celebrating the raising of the new Ag Hall in West Tisbury and the community that helped build it with the Barn Raisers’ Ball.

Ten years after moving to Martha’s Vineyard, I went to my first Barn Raisers’ Ball. I know, I too can’t believe I had never gone before.

I guess I always felt a bit uncertain about it since I am not a member of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society, and I was not there years ago to help with the barn.

However, my friend Betsy told me it is a must do party. She considers it the bookend to the season for year-rounders.

The Summer begins with the Taste Of The Vineyard and really ends with the Barn Raisers’ Ball.  She assured me it would be a crazy fun mix of people, and I would have a great time.

Still apprehensive, but curious, my friend Coral agreed to attend with me. I would make a pumpkin pie and she would make mini cheesecakes — since all you were required to bring was a dessert to share.

We got there pretty close to the start time of 7:30 and the Ag Hall was already packed. I walked farther from the parking than when the fair was happening. Desserts in hand (well minus my pie, since my kids had other plans for mine), which Coral made a ton of, we walked through the open doors.

The Sweet Life

We were greeted by two huge tables filled with desserts. There was everything you could image.

From a foot long Snickers Bar to the most beautiful pies, tons of different cookies, bars, apples in roasted pumpkins, and one of my favorites of the evening, Rice Krispy treats with cinnamon, it was quite the spread.

Yum, I’ve never had Fall Rice Krispy Treats before, but seriously, it was a feast for dessert lovers.

There was even a huge Happy 100th birthday cake celebrating Emily and her husband Stevie. She turned 40 and he turned 60. I hope your birthdays were truly wonderful. Talk about a way to enjoy your birthdays! One huge party with all sorts of Islanders.

The Music

Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish were the music of the evening just like they were 20 years ago. Isn’t that awesome? One of the great things about the Island, things change, but so much stays the same. I can imagine how people who were there for the first Barn Raisers’ Ball, were feeling nostalgic on this big anniversary.

We’ve all heard Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish play, but they were amazing that night. I don’t know if it’s because it holds meaning to them, but they were jamming.

There were one-year-olds bopping along to the music. There were people in their 70’s twirling around like teenagers. With that in mind, if you go next year, be sure to wear some comfy dancing shoes.

The energy and shear happiness of the event was unexpected, and I loved it.  I loved every minute of it.

Eating dessert after dessert I was able to actually catch up with people I have not seen in years. So many people were there. Moms and their kids who I adore, co-workers, people from my old Plum TV life, neighbors, it was a community event.

A real celebration of something good that the community did years ago, and that we continue to enjoy every day. Imagine the Island with no Ag Hall? You can’t.

So, for all of you who have not gone to the Barn Raisers’ Ball, next year, mark your calendar.  There is something about this event.  Also, I should mention it is a super casual event and anything goes.

For more information about the history of the new Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Hall, you can check out this piece from Remy Tumin from the Vineyard Gazette, Kick Up Heels for Barn Raisers’ Ball (who by the way, was definitely the best dressed of the evening).

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