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It’s always nice to be able to do something for yourself, no matter how big or how small. I recently discovered Divine Med Spa, where you can definitely find a way to treat yourself.


DivineI have walked by Divine time and time again, always wondering. Wonder no more, I made the trip. The space is beautiful, light and airy and very welcoming. The building it’s located in also houses some of my other favorite spots, like Stefanie Wolf and Boucle.

Martha's Vineyard Spa Facial Treatments Enhance MV

Not really knowing what exactly Divine was, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at all the services offered. Did you know that it’s a med spa? I was thinking that there were facials and things like Botox, but it’s so much more.

Enhance MV Jane Iredale Make Up

You can even find great skincare and make up, like Jane Iredale, the original mineral make-up line, to purchase. I was so excited to see that at Divine. Also, James, who checked me in was amazing to talk to and very funny too!

Enhance MV Founder/owner Dina BenDavid Martha's vineyardFounder/owner Dina BenDavid, an Islander, has over a decade of experience in healthcare. She holds both Master’s and Doctoral degrees, maintains board certification in family practice, and specializes in aesthetic medicine, primary care and women’s health. This is more than a spa my friends.

For Dina, it is all about helping people. We all have things we would like to improve, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Divine can help physical goals, and the options are extensive.  You can change your appearance with Cool Sculpting, a non evasive procedure that freezes fat cells.
Cool Sculpting Fat Treatment Enhance MV

I learned that you have X number of fat cells and they grow and contract over the years. Cool Sculpting actually freezes the fat cell, which then die, and the body eliminates them. Say what? How dreamy is this.

Also, I wanted to mention that before opening Divine, Dina participated in the National Health Service Corps, and she commuted to New Bedford as a doctor, servicing women with limited resources. She certainly saw a lot, and was able to help so many people. She loves that she is continuing to help people, in this capacity.

Enhance MVI however booked a facial. Not just any facial, a Hydra Facial. Note, this is not zen moment facial. This is a facial that is designed to help your skin. Let’s face it, skin in your forties is a lot different than younger skin.

How lucky was I to have Natasha Huffam to work with me. This stunning, mother of six, is a registered nurse, and has had extensive training in medical beauty treatments. She’s also very funny. I should mention that medical professionals perform a number of Divine’s procedures.

Hydra Facial At Enhance MV Martha's Vineyard Spa Med TreatmentWith the Hydra Facial, my skin went through literally a deep cleaning. The technology, Natasha just loves the machine, a miracle machine. First, it cleanses and peels a new layer of skin, which you don’t even feel happening. It’s just a gentle movement all over your face.

Enhance MVThen, for me, years and years, of stuff clogging your pores is sucked out through a subtle suction along with water. Also, completely painless, but when you see the water from this stage, be prepared to be really grossed out. It’s incredible to see what has been hiding in your skin.

After all this, your skin is so soft. The next step is pretty amazing. Your skin is covered in soothing antioxidants and peptides to help the new layer of skin be healthy and glow.

Enhance MVFor my skin type, Natasha used the Dermabuilder age refining serum, which helps smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and improve skin’s elasticity. Though I don’t want to admit, I do need to do more to take care of my skin. All the sun and fun that I continue to subject my skin to, has definitely left its mark

I wish I had a professional photographer with me to capture the after pictures. My skin was glowing and was so soft. An added bonus, the lines around my eyes and mouth, those oh so fun laugh lines, appeared finer, and what woman or man doesn’t want that. This may not be the best picture of me, but I definitely saw an improvement (and I was make-up free).

Enhance MVThe results were definitely noticeable. People told me I was glowing, and I feel like I saw a difference in my skin. This type of facial was unlike any I have had before. The results immediate. Not a typical facial, but rather a treatment to help people have healthier skin.

Divine offers many other types of facials and as I mentioned a number of treatments. You might be surprised at what Dina can help you with, and help you stay on Island. Things like Cool Sculpting, a new dream of mine, and many other treatments are competitively priced.

MV LashAlso, you can do some really fun things at Divine, like eyelash extensions with Lisa Dmitri, micro blading, and the not so fun laser hair removal. These are just a couple more options available at Divine.

Enhance MV Med Spa Treatments Martha's Vineyard

There are so many things that happen in this charming space. As she said, and it’s all about enhancing the individual, really focusing on their needs. A consultation happens first, so Dina and her team can really understand the person’s goals and needs. There is nothing cookie cutter about the experience here.

Also, there is a lot of misinformation out there about a lot of procedures. Here, you can find out exactly what to expect, along with follow-up. It’s a customized one-on-one experience right on Island.

Enhance MV

New this year, Dina has added a large, private room for large groups to experience Divine. Think bridal parties, bachelorette parities, etc., and the space is well appointed and very comfortable. Us ladies like options.

Divine focuses on helping you feel better, and be the you that makes you feel the best.

Authors Note: Dina had originally opened a smaller version of Divine in Nevin Square, and the business was really well received. Her good friend Glenda Joy, who works at Sea Spa Salon, planted the seed to grow and do more, an expanded shape, a diverse selection of treatments. Thank goodness for good friends!

You can learn more about Divine Med Spa on Facebook. Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

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