Grabbing Lunch & More at The Larder – Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard

If you have not been to The Larder lately, (this Fall), you might want to stop by. Though limited in hours this time of year, just Friday and Saturday, you can find all sorts of unique and local food items at this quirky, fun little shop. You never know what you’ll find.

The LarderThe Larder has a partnership with the Scottish Bakehouse, so you can find plenty of Bakehouse goods there, and of course local meat from The Good Farm which is owned by Jefferson Munroe, who also runs The Larder.

The LarderEach day, The Larder features a specialty sandwich to grab and go. Your best bet is check out The Larder’s Instagram to see what it is. On the Friday I stopped by, it was a classic Caprese sandwich. What makes their sandwiches special are the ingredients.

The LarderYou’ll find fresh baked bread from the Bakehouse and in the case of this sandwich, fresh pesto, heirloom tomatoes and really good mozzarella. The sandwiches are quite large, and perfect for sharing.

The LarderIf you’re just getting lunch like I was with my friend Nina, you can add to your meal with all sorts of great things. There are jars of dilly beans, which are so good for snacking. There are chips and baked goods, and veggies galore.

The LarderI was craving something sweet. So, I grabbed a container of Bakehouse coconut-date bites, healthy, sweet and good for you. We also both grabbed a bottle of locally made High Head kombucha. I opted for Strawberry Mango, and Nina got Blackberry.

The LarderSince it was a gorgeous Fall day, we decided to take our Larder lunch on location. We decided to go sit by the Lagoon near Tisbury Market place. There are picnic tables that overlook the water. It’s really relaxing, less windy then being by the beach, and still has a lovely water view.

The LarderThe added bonus of takeaway, you can go wherever you want, and on this Island, there are so many places to sit and enjoy the outdoors. We had such a lovely and delicious lunch. What a luxury and a part of the joy of being here year round.

The LarderI have to add that before we left The Larder, we definitely took inventory of all the good stuff you can get there. The meats looked amazing, and there was a good selection. We all know just how good meat and veggies are when gotten local. It’s worth the special trip and the extra cost.

The LarderThere was a lot more than just meat too. You’ll find all sorts of unique food finds and gourmet goods too, and with dinner party season upon us, it’s always good to know there what your options are.

The LarderWhether grabbing lunch or getting food for dinner, or just looking for something different, The Larder is a spot to consider. I also need to make sure that next Summer I stop by at least one of their pop up taco nights with El Gato Grande Tacos. I missed everyone this year.

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