Every Island has a Black Sheep…Now We Have Two – Black Sheep Mercantile – Martha’s Vineyard

There are some things that leave you speechless. That was me when I walked into the new Black Sheep at the Airport Business Park.

Martha's Vineyard Gourmet Market: Black Sheep Mercantile Opens in Edgartown At The Airport

I had been to the old Hot Tin Roof over the years, yet to see the space evolve into a new chapter, closing the one in its epic past. I had almost given up hope that the building would see greatness again, but indeed, great it is, once again.

Martha's Vineyard Dining: Gourmet To Go Salads Sandwiches Breakfast Lunch Dinner Black Sheep Mercantile Edgratown

Owners Mark Venette and Keith Musinski have transformed their side of the building into something beautiful and functional. The other side is host to the Fish House, the fish market of the wholesale company Menemsha Fish House. It’s slated to open early July.

I say beautiful because the space has been redesigned so well. It’s open, has clean, modern touches and promises to make you want to come back. Note, this is Black Sheep Mercantile. In addition to food items, there are a number of home goods and fun eclectic things to buy, like the adorable Black Sheep tea towels, designed by local artist Robin Morse Nagle.

The large table that houses most of the goods will transform into a community dining table in the off-season. It Provides great additional seating to the window seats and outdoor tables.

I say functional because it’s Black Sheep, but bigger. Chef Judy Klumick whips up amazing food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can eat there or take it to go. Perfect for the beach, a potluck or just because you don’t want to cook (which no one wants to do in the Summer).

You can grab an ice coffee, a sandwich or salad, a bag of Popcorn which I love, especially the truffle one, and you’re ready to go.  I can’t forget that there’s parking! No need to circle around and around for a spot which we all do, because good food is worth the headache.

Also, it’s one stop shopping. Grab your fish from the Fish House, your beverages from MV Wine and Spirits, and everything else at Black Sheep. How brilliant! How convenient for those who live in the middle of the Island. Where once there was little, now there is plenty!

Black Sheep Mercantile, 17 Airport Road, is open daily, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Be prepared to be awestruck by the transformation my friends.

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