February Ends With Laughter – Comedy Night At The Harbor View Hotel Martha’s Vineyard

Though tired of saying this, I wish this Winter would end. It’s the longest, coldest, snowiest I can remember, and my somewhat sunny disposition has turned a little grey.

Laughter all around Comedy Night Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

When I heard that the Harbor View Hotel was hosting a comedy night last Friday, I immediately thought that perhaps laughter would indeed be the best medicine and break the doldrum cycle.

It’s All Happening On Water Street

Not only was the Harbor View hosting An Evening of Comedy with three Boston-based comedians, Shaun Bedgood, Amy Tee, and Orlando Baxter, but it was opening with trivia and a little comedy from the Island’s own Dan Cassidy and Johnny Showtime.

An Evening of Comedy At Harbor View Hotel Edgartown

You could join the fun for $25 or for $55, you could have a three course meal before the show. What?!? I’m serious. That’s not a joke. Talk about an inexpensive package, seriously.

My Frugal Foodie discovery for the weekend!

Clearly I was not alone in my need for a little humor because the event sold out, showing that the Harbor View team was spot on with hosting this event.

Let The Laughter Begin

We — my hubby, and my bosses, Wendy and Win — arrived around 8 p.m. We had dinner and drinks at Alchemy beforehand.

I like to mix things up a bit when I have a night out on the town. Dinner here, a drink there, dessert somewhere else, just to keep things interesting if possible. And I have to say that our dinner was truly amazing. With full bellies and some laughs already under our belts we were ready for more fun.

Fabulous Fruity At The Water Street Restaurant Bar Edgartown Harbor View HotelWhen we arrived, our fist mission was a cocktail. Paul at the bar was very helpful in working with us to make a signature drink for the night.

I was convinced that having grapefruit juice and vodka and another special ingredient would make for a healthier beverage. So, the Fabulous Fruity was created.

Then we moved into the dining area of Water Street restaurant where the stage was set up. We joined a table with people already sitting there, which I think is always fun. Meet someone new, maybe learn a thing or two.

Plus, we didn’t have a choice, because Water Street was packed with people wanting some laughs. We even had more friends join our table, Daniele and Sandy.

Dan Cassidy and Johnny Showtime

The show kicked off with some trivia by Dan Cassidy and Johnny Showtime. I have to say that I can’t even look at Dan without laughing. He has this crazy mustache at the moment, and he looks like a police officer from the TV show Reno 911.

If you know the show, you know what I’m talking about. Plus the fact that he is actually a cop in Oak Bluffs adds to it. If he had on really short shorts, I would have lost it. Speaking of which, he was to be the brunt of jokes from all three comedians as the night progressed.

Enjoying the Comedy Show At harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

So, he was working the crowd with trivia and John came up to join him. The two did a little comedy routine and warmed up the crowd. It was nice to begin with a couple of local guys, ease the crowd into the scene plus those two are pretty funny.

Comedian Shaun Bedgood At Harbor View Hotel Comedy Night Edgartown

First up was Shaun Bedgood, yes that’s his real last name. Better him then me. Shaun was quick on his feet and involved the crowd.

For a Boston comedian I imagine he saw a lot of potential material. His wording was colorful and his jokes a little raunchy. Perfect for a Friday night in February. There was laughter all around.

Shaun Bedgood Working Comedy Crowd In Martha's Vineyard Harbor View Hotel

We were all feeling rather jolly at that point and the night got even better, as the Harbor View’s signature chocolate chip cookies were put on all the tables, the last bit of the three course dinner offered. I tried to resist but couldn’t.

Comedian Amy Tee Harbor View Hotel Comedy Night Edgartown

Then Amy Tee came on stage. Amy immediately let us know that she was proud to be the only woman there tonight, and that she and everyone else had something in common, they all liked women.

Amy was pretty funny. With jokes about mullets and cars and women. We were in stitches!

Water Street Restaurant Comedy Night Edgartown

Amy was followed by Orlando Baxter who had great jokes about kids and life. He had been a school teacher and really had some funny stories we all really enjoyed hearing about.

Comedian Orlando Baxter Comedy Night Headliner Edgartown Harbor View Hotel

Each performer was different and really brought personality to their routines. It felt so good to be surrounded by friends laughing and having a great time. It was the first comedy show of the season and we all really enjoyed it.

Harbor View team enjoying the show

If you missed this one, the Harbor View Hotel is hosting another “An Evening of Comedy” on March 13th. There will be three well known comedians again, and Johnny Showtime will be the pre-show host. The comedians will be Maya ManionBilly Winn, and Al Park. Mark your calendars since this event will most likely sell out!

Great job Harbor View Hotel. I felt the ice on our souls melt a little that night!

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