Inspiring Beautiful Weddings for Everyone, EQL Wedding & Destination From Martha’s Vineyard

I say this time and again, but I am always amazed at what this small Island produces. There is such an array of talented, forward-thinking individuals who are not afraid to venture into something new.

EQL Wedding Magazine From Martha's Vineyard

Have you heard of EQL? It’s a wedding magazine specializing in weddings and destinations for LGBT couples. In case you might not know, LGBT is a convenient way to say lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender.

With 114,000 of the 646,000 committed LGBT households in the US already married, chances are that many more might decide to tie the know.

I think back to my wedding planning days. The plethora of magazines to choose from, favoring The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings. I’d dog-ear like twenty pages per magazine, dreaming of ways to include certain elements into my weddings.

I guess in a way, those magazines targeted me — engaged and heterosexual. The magazines still catch my eye.

Hurd Publishing EQL Wedding Magazine Produced On Martha's Vineyard

So, why not have a beautiful, upscale magazine for the LGBT couples planning their wedding? How refreshing it would be — I bet — to see gorgeous locations and fabulous couples making their dream come true, that might represent you a bit more.

Islander Leslie Hurd, from Hurd Publishing, thought just that. Leslie has been in the publishing world for decades.

From founding Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Magazine (now published by The Gazette) to numerous wedding publications for both national and international locations, this woman, who lives in West Tisbury, knows weddings.

She’s now brought her eye and know-how to EQL. This beautiful wedding magazine is created here, on Martha’s Vineyard.

EQL Premiere Issue Martha's Vineyard Wedding MagazineIt’s really the first of its kind. You can find it at Barnes and Noble, at Hudson News stands in major airports around the country, and at many other places.

Vineyard Faces

EQL, which just printed its second issue, features places and people from Martha’s Vineyard but it also showcases other gorgeous places from around the country.

East Coast and West Coast and in between, from chic to country to classic seaside, the weddings, which are actually weddings, are breathtakingly beautiful and full of fun ideas and bridal/groom fantasy.

Scott Mullin From Brickyard Online Art Director & Board Of Directors EQL Magazine

Because Leslie is on the Vineyard, there are a number of local people working with EQL. Scott Mullin, co-owner of Brickyard in Vineyard Haven, has been instrumental in helping ensure that the magazine really speaks to the LGBT community.

Scott is on the board of directors for the magazine and is also the online art director.

Scott has also been a sort of sounding board for Leslie, since she started thinking about this specialized magazine. The details were worked out about a year and a half ago at the Atlantic restaurant in Edgartown with investors, and she has been in conversation with Scott since.

EQL Premiere issue With the second issue released, Scott is thrilled. The amount of interest and support has been overwhelming.

There are more big advertisers, like Tiffany & Co. and Brunomagli and many more signing on to be a part of  what could be considered the pioneering magazine for LGBT weddings.

Also, people are submitting their weddings to be featured in the magazine. Initially it was a bit of work to get weddings for the premiere issue (which had to have another run done), but that’s no longer the case.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a grassroots effort but the grass is getting a lot greener.

There are now more informational articles than before about fashion, food, flowers, favors and more. So much growth. There’s a market for EQL.

In addition to Scott, you’ll also find other Island contributors. Justin LaVaigne who owns the floral design company Of the Vine, which is based in Edgartown, is known for his creative use of flowers and a love of color, and contemporary style.

Louise Sweet of Flowers on the Vineyard, is a contributor as well. Louise is known for her rustic, beautiful flower arrangements and of course, can do anything a bride/groom desires.


Martha's Vineyard Of the Vine Flower Arrangement EQL Magazine Wedding Flowers

Also you’ll find designer Karen Trotier among the pages of EQL as a contributor. This Island clothing designer has created some remarkable pieces.  Her wedding dress with the bodice lined in oyster shells was featured in the premiere issue.

I think this dress is amazing. I got to see it up close at last year’s Martha’s Vineyard Fashion Week and wow!

EQL Wedding Magazine Premiere Issue LGBT Destination WeddingsScott Tuttle, who worked in the Vineyard magazine world for a number of years, but is now on his own, does a lot of the graphic design work on the magazine. He also helps proof and create ads.

You’d be happy to see the amount of local businesses in EQL. It makes since because Martha’s Vineyard is a huge wedding destination and we are part of a progressive state,


So next time you’re browsing the magazine section, keep an eye out for EQL. The magazine is published bi-annually, Spring/Summer, and Fall/Winter, with plans to have it printed quarterly in the future.

Aside from all the beautiful things you see, know that there are few people here on Martha’s Vineyard, with a number of people from the mainland working hard to create the magazine. It’s all pretty cool I think, and just another reason I am proud to call Martha’s Vineyard my home.

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