FROCK, Beautiful Handmade Designer Women’s Clothing From Martha’s Vineyard

If you google the word frock, you’ll discover it is a noun meaning:

  1.  A woman’s or girl’s dress.
  2. A loose outer garment, in particular.

FROCK Fashion Design From Martha's Vineyard

If you google FROCK – Martha’s Vineyard, you discover an amazing boutique with handmade garments for woman.

Martha's Vineyard Clothing Designer Trish Ginter FROCK Clothing Line

Located at 13 Beach Street Extension in Vineyard Haven, across from the Black Dog, you’ll find FROCK. Even before you step through the door, its sign gives you a hint at what’s in-store. The sign is clean, simple, and the name let’s you know what you’ll find.

FROCKWhen you reach the second floor, you’re greeted by a bright, open space with beautiful clothes hanging from aged bamboo polls. The colors are simple, the patterns are few, but the style is great.

Fashion Designer Trish Ginter Opens FROCK Clothing Boutique Martha's Vineyard

Welcome to FROCK, handmade clothing from designer Trish Ginter. Trish opened Frock in Connecticut in 1994 with a friend. There FROCK had a quite the following and loyal clientele, many of which are still with Trish today despite the new Island location.

FROCKTwo years ago, Trish moved to Martha’s Vineyard, year round. Before that, she had been coming her for the summer for what seems like her whole life.

Martha's Vineyard Fashion Designer Trish Ginter In Her Boutique Store FROCK

A graduate from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Trish has been always been a clothing designer. She designs items that have simple silhouettes and fit a woman’s body.

Though her she keeps a number of base silhouettes, each season she tries to incorporate a couple new ones. She keeps her line fresh with colors and pattern fabric.

Fashion Designer Trish Ginter Opens FROCK Clothing Boutique Vineyard Haven

Which sounds perfect because you could create an easy to use wardrobe of things that fit you well.

Most of FROCK’s clothing are knits. Trish spent a semester abroad in Knottingham (UK), studying working with knits. She was smitten. Of course she uses other fabrics too, but knitwear fits so many people’s body so well. It’s comfy too. How much do you love your favorite t-shirt? Well, you’re not alone.

FROCK Boutique Clothing From Fashion Designer Trish Ginter Martha's Vineyard

However, when I walked in and took an assessment, always curious if my size is available, everything looked so small. When I mentioned this to Trish, she laughed. Apparently that’s what most women say when they come in.

FROCKShe encourages women to “play,” try things on, and often they are surprised. FROCK’s clothing is not sized, it’s crafted in a way that it fits a number of different sizes and even body types.

But don’t worry, if you’re 6’2″, in love with a shirt, and the fabric is available, Trish can make you one.

If the shirt’s a little too big, go have lunch or a cup of coffee, Trish will take it in, and when you come back it will be ready.


Trish has always had an intuitive design process. Each season, her collection grows organically. She’s not following Vogues’ list of colors, but rather following what inspires her, or what colors she sees on people.

Martha's Vineyard Clothing Boutique FROCK Handmade Clothes By Fashion Designer Trish GinterOpen for almost two years (this July), many of her customers find FROCK on Facebook or just by walking by. That area by the Black Dog Tavern seems to draw people, and Trish loves meeting people who are curious.

In her shop, with the multi-million dollar view of Vineyard Haven harbor, she meets so many people, some that turn into customers, some friends, some just passer-bys.

FROCKLucky for everyone, Trish keeps the same hours all year long (unless out of town), 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesday to Saturday. I was a little shocked that this was true during the winter months too, but Trish loves her space. Decades later, she still loves her craft, and being in her space, working at her table is like her second home.

Her clothing ranges in price, from about $55 to $225, which seems really reasonable for handmade clothes on the Island.

Finding FROCK MV

I asked Trish if her design changed when she moved from Connecticut to the Island. I know mine sure did when I moved from Philadelphia, but she said no. The Vineyard has always been part of her life. Also, she lived by and had her store by the water before here.

Her style remains. She likes easy clothing, simple shapes, but don’t be fooled. Her handmade items are each unique and though simple, have impeccable details and stitching. Being a serial Project Runway viewer, I am so inspired by Trish.


When you see FROCK’s space, you might turn a little green with envy, and of course there’s a story about it.

FROCK’s walls are simple and white. There’s fun lighting but the rest is stark because the clothes are the art. However, Trish’s view from her window is an iconic Island view, it’s the Black Dog Tavern, the sign and the harbor.

FROCK Designer Clothes On Martha's Vineyard

Her house in Connecticut had the same whitewash color scheme, but in her bathroom, she had a picture of the view that is now out her window. One of the only pictures found in her previous home, is now her work view.

Here she is doing what she loves, making beautiful handmade clothes, making women feel beautiful, with a view she dreamed of. Somedays she feels like someone should pinch her.

FROCKNow she just happened upon that space which wasn’t even on the market yet. She has always been drawn to that part of Vineyard Haven. In April, shortly after moving to the Island, she was walking around the area, and saw someone painting outside.

FROCKShe inquired about the space. Turns out the caretaker was also there, and a little Island magic happened. She found her space.

I just love stories like this. A bit of fate, a bit of passion, hard work, and incredible creativity all working together to create a fabulous artist on this special Island.

Point B Special Deal

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