It’s Chinese Food For The Frugal Foodie: Copper Wok Restaurant On Martha’s Vineyard

Now I am not necessary a buffet fan, but there are those instances that change your mind. I recently discovered one — the buffet on Sunday nights at Copper Wok.

Martha's Vineyard Restaurant Dining Deals: Frugal Foodie Eats Buffet Special At Copper Wok Restaurant Vineyard Haven

For lunch and dinner, Copper Wok offers an all you can eat Chinese Buffet, from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., for $10.99, and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., it’s $14.99. This seems like a deal right, because an order of dumplings and your Chinese food du jour would definitely add up to more of either of those right?

For this dining adventure, I decided to bring the whole family. After all, I can’t have all the fun, and this was my husband’s first time dining at Copper Wok. For some reason, I can do lunch all day in Vineyard Haven, but having dinner there escapes me, but that is changing I think.

Chinese Food Buffet Sunday Nights Copper Wok Restaurant Frugal Foodie Martha's Vineyard

I always forget how much I like the inside of Copper Wok. I feel like I am in a really nice Chinese restaurant, like something different, and relatively exotic for me will be happening. Not like back in the day when I would run into Golden Dragon next to Stop & Shop, grab my food, run out with my Chinese food fix.

Martha's Vineyard Restaurant Specials: Chinese Food Buffet Copper Wok Restaurant Vineyard HavenAnyway back to Copper Wok. We were seated in one of their cool booths. No one needed to look at the menu because we were on assignment, it was buffet all the way, we practically dove right in.

Come Hungry

The buffet was set up so nicely, and it felt festive in the space. The aroma was pretty amazing too.

Chinese Food Buffet Martha's Vineyard: Frugal Foodie Dining At Vineyard Haven Restaurant Copper Wok

My husband was very, very skeptical. I let him go first, and explore the options and then followed with the kiddos. He got to take it all in and was pretty excited. He got a full plate, more than once. He was a fan.

Pork Dumplings At Copper Wok Chinese Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie

He really enjoyed the Peking Pork Dumplings. They were small, and paired well with the ponzu sauce (a lovely soy sauce based sauce with citrus). I agreed, these were amazing. Even my kiddos loved them. The Peking Pork Dumplings are on the regular menu, but are much larger. I enjoyed the smaller, popable version.

Copper Wok Szechaun Pork Sunday Buffet Dining Special Off-Season Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

He also really liked the Szechaun Pork. I and the kids were big fans of the Beef with Peapods. I could eat snow peas all day long and Copper Wok made a seriously delicious version of this dish.

Beef with Pea Pods Martha's Vineyard Chinese Food Copper Wok Vineyard Haven Dining

There was a good variety to choose from, something for everyone I imagine. From Orange Chicken, to Scallion Pancakes, to Hot & Sour Soup, to Crab Rangoons, to Cashew Shrimp, to Lo Mein, we’re talking options, good options.

Martha's Vineyard Chinese Food Copper Wok Orange chicken Sunday Buffet Special

We all ate quite a bit. Sadly we couldn’t even look at a dessert menu (sold separately), but I was certain to have a cocktail. I ordered Copper Wok’s Tokyo Mule, Sho Chiku Bai Jumai Sake, muddled lime and ginger beer. It was delicious. Who knew sake would make a good one of these. Copper Wok does feature a nice selection of wine, beer, and sake cocktails.

Martha's Vineyard Sake Cocktails Copper Wok Restaurant Vineyard Haven

I have to say there were two things that I missed. I would have loved some brown rice to go with all the amazing sauces. However, there was Pork Fried Rice. I also missed having a Spring Roll to start off my meal.

Maybe next time one of those will be featured, since Copper Wok likes to mix it up a little for the buffet. In hind sight, I should have just ordered that, but I was so tuned into the selection at hand, it didn’t occur to me until after.

Copper Wok

Would I go again, you bet. Would I recommend it, you bet. Also, the service was really good, and I like dining at Copper Wok. I need to start getting take-out from there more often too!

Sign Up

So, if you think the price I mentioned earlier is a deal, if you sign up to receive JB’s specials texts, you can even get a better deal sometimes. When I went, there was a special show-the-text and you could get the buffet for $10.99 at dinner, $8.99 at lunch. Kids are $8.99. Making the Sunday night buffet at Copper Wok even more amazing.

Frugal Foodie Dining Deals At Copper Wok Chinese Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

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