Guess What’s Coming To Christmas In Edgartown 2017 — New Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Service

For the first time since 1960, a Hy-Line passenger ferry docked at Memorial Wharf in Edgartown on Tuesday, March 7th.

A number of Edgartown Board of Trade members, Winnetu Oceanside Resort employees, and media folks, boarded the Grey Lady in Oak Bluffs to make the very special journey to Memorial Wharf.

New Martha's Vineyard Ferry Service For Christmas In Edgartown Hy-Line Ferry

Why? Well, Hy-Line had to see if the Grey Lady could dock at Memorial Wharf. I am guessing a lot has changed with the family owned fleet since the 60’s. And why was this journey being made?

Hy-LineWell, Mark Snider, owner of the Winnetu and The Nantucket Hotel, had the great idea of having the Hy-Line run during Christmas in Edgartown from Hyannis. The Hy-Line runs boats during the Nantucket stroll, why not Christmas in Edgartown too?

Hy-Line Ferry Service To Martha's Vineyard Christmas In Edgartown

This is a great opportunity to make travel to the Island so much easier for a number of people, and will entice more people to such a magical, memorable holiday weekend.

Imagine docking at Memorial Wharf, being greeted by carolers, and all of Edgartown dressed in holiday splendor. Perhaps a light snow falling, it would be magical. I know the thought of it makes me smile, even though I am really longing for warmer weather right now.

Edgartown Lighthouse From Hy-Line Ferry Trail Run Into Edgartown Memorial Whard

The good news is that the Grey Lady docked successfully, and the view arriving, with the beauty of the Edgartown Lighthouse and the town was breathtaking, even in the grey cold. We disembarked, had some fun with pictures, imagined lots of new things for Christmas in Edgartown, and then boarded, headed back to Oak Bluffs.


It was really a fun trip. Also, the Grey Lady is so fun to travel on. There are all these great little lounge areas, and it is pretty quiet for such a large boat. This new addition to Christmas in Edgartown really opens up a lot of opportunity, not only for Edgartown but the whole Island.


Of course, Point B is really excited about this too because think of all the new people who can enjoy the Martha’s Vineyard Teddy Bear Suite, a place where holiday memories are made.  Last year’s event raised $35,000 for the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club’s Healthy Happy Kids program, which addresses childhood hunger on the Island. To find out more, visit

Riding Aboard Hy-Line Ferry Service To Edgartown

Speaking of the Martha’s Vineyard Teddy Bear Suite, that Christmas In Edgartown weekend is not only about shopping, eating and super fun holiday events, it’s also a huge weekend for fundraising. So many events, all around the Island, have a charitable component, and hopefully this will help do more. Cheers to you Mark for the great idea, to the Edgartown Board of Trade and Hy-Line for making it happen! A Christmas miracle!


Stay tuned for more info about the 41st Annual Christmas in Edgartown, but now my thoughts and energy goes back to spring and warmer weather.

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