Hanging Out At Tin Hanger – Dining In The Center Of The Island On Martha’s Vineyard

With a soft opening last week, Tin Hanger, where Flatbread once was, is now open for business, daily for dinner. A brave endeavor to open a restaurant in November one would think, but not for this Island family. Jack McGroarty is no stranger to businesses on Martha’s Vineyard.

Tin Hanger Restaurant Opens On Martha's Vineyard

His family owned The Wharf in Edgartown, and his brother Brion, is right next door. He is the man behind MV Wine and Spirits.

Edgartown Restaurant Tin Hanger Owner Jack McGroarty Martha's Vineyard

The McGroarty family is turning this area into a little hot spot in the center of the Island. An amazing package store, and now a great place for you to pair with your bevys or a place to stay and grab a bite. You’ve got options.

Tin Hanger Restaurant Edgartown

When you walk in the Tin Hanger, named because it’s at the airport, and gives a nod to the Hot Tin Roof that once inhabited the space, you might be surprised. The space is a fraction of what it once was, the decor very simple. The bar is still there, and a good number of tables, there’s seating for about 50 people.

Tin Hanger

Dining At Tin Hanger

The menu is focused on food that is simple and good. It’s perfect for dining in or getting to go. There is a great selection of apps, including Buffalo Chicken Dip, Beef & Pork Meatballs, Calamari and Fried Pickles, just to name a few.

I love pickles and we had to start with those. Something about salty fried things that just work, and of course, this is a perfect place to get a beer to go with those pickles.

Our server, Emily, was very friendly and knowledgeable, able to answer questions and guide us though the menu, a nice touch at a new restaurant.

Emily at Tin Hanger

Tin Hanger only has three beers on draft, and the rest are in cans. Brion and Jack are both big beer fans, and the way to get the freshest beer is through a can. With that said, you’ll find some great beers on their list. Aluminum cans allow for perfect air-tight seal, offering the freshest beer. There are also some good wines, and a full bar, until November 30th. Then Tin Hanger is a beer and wine restaurant.


I tried a Hop Nosh Tangerine IPA for the first time. Loved it! Wish I had tried it earlier. There are a number of beers I’d like to come back and try. The drinks are also affordable. Mine was only $6.

Fried Pickles At Tin Hangar Martha's Vineyard

We got our Fried Pickles. They were so good. Not sure how they get the batter to stick to the pickles so well, but the batter stayed put.

Burger at Tin Hanger Edgartown Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Dining

For dinner, my husband got the Flat Top Burger. Tin Hanger’s burgers are cooked on a flat top, so there are no temps taken. The burgers are served, medium, medium well, topped with lettuce, American cheese, pickles and their “fancy sauce.” To add to the pile of goodness on the burger, bacon was added.
Burger at Tin HangerThere’s a good selection for kids, including apps such as sliced apples and veggies. Then there’s the usual and necessary staples like mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pasta, and chicken fingers. My kiddos opted for the chicken fingers and fries and were happy, so I was happy.

For me, I tried the Island Fried Chicken served with whipped potatoes and collard greens. The chicken was really different — which was unexpected. The batter was really light and flavorful. The chicken itself was a breast, nice and easy to eat.

Fried Chicken At Tin Hangar Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

There was a bit of pickle flavor to the chicken. I thought it was my imagination, since I had just devoured fried pickles. However, when I talked with Tin Hangar’s chef, Brian Counihan, I found out I was not imagining it. The chicken is brined in the pickle juice. An added bonus for me, as a huge pickle fan.

Chef Brian Counihan has quite the background and has spent a lot of his career in fine dining. With this comes a level of professionalism and standards that are going to be helpful in Tin Hangar’s success. There are some great classic pub foods that have a little something special in the ingredients.

Chef Brian Counihan Tin Hangar Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Dining Out

It also means that there are going to be some great specials in addition to the menu, an entree special, sandwich of the day, and of course pizza of the day. It will be fun to see what Brian serves up.

Speaking of pizza, Tin Hangar has already gotten a reputation as a great pizza spot. My friend Annie said the Dauntless, meatball, caramelized onion, and fresh mozzarella pizza was so good. The crust is delicious and obviously house made.

Jack told me that his dad has an affection for pizza. Years ago when he first came to the Vineyard, he worked at Giordano’s Pizza in Oak Bluffs. So, you could very well catch his dad spinning dough.

In addition to their signature pies, you can always create your own.

For Patrick, Tin Hangar is a new spot that is affordable and family friendly. He feels as though families need more options for dining out, and this year round restaurant is going to fill that gap.

Also, Tin Hangar is a great option for Up-Island residents for takeout and dining. The airport business park now offers food and beverage options, daily. The McGroarty brothers businesses really compliment each other.

Tin Hangar is open Monday through Saturday, 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. These are the hours for the foreseeable future, but demand could change them. This restaurant is geared to making Islanders happy and providing good food and a family friendly dining option

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